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    Celebrity Match - Thank you so much guys!

    Lyle, I'm sending you a PM. Nathaniel - I don't understand why you're so defensive. I don't know about you, but I perform professionally. Performing professionally means that I have to perform the same effect many times. As Spidey correctly confirmed, this is not possible for this effect. If...
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    Would you be interested in these?

    As a general rule, I would not buy any product that the creator himself was not confident enough to put out there. I am quite afraid that for every good submission received and sold on the Wire, a dozen more untested and underwhelming "ideas" will pop up. Please leave that to Kevin Parker, and...
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    Card under box

    I quite enjoyed the one on Derren's TDP... Admittedly, I've not seen many others in recent times, but the final phase is just beautiful.
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    Easy, Powerful, Magician Fooler

    Back up there a bit! Some comments: -What sort of magic do you do? I'm a mentalist. I saw the list of magic products you PM'd me and quite frankly I'm not convinced that's not a file list from the latest torrent, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Point being, there's no point...
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    Best cap in bottle trick

    What, in your opinion, defines "the best"? What are the criteria that are most important to your performing situation? That will help you find "the best". What works for me may not for you. Both are equally legitimate, but some idea of what works for you will give a better understanding to those...
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    The magician shopping

    I'm the opposite, personally, as you would see from my general dress sense (I often wear bow ties, braces, some bright colour, and so forth). The image that I portray is one of the most important parts of my performance. I find that, from a mentalist's experience, the persona is far more...
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    Website Re-Constructed

    Red kills my eyes as well, or more specifically, the black text against the red. However, if you're set on the layout, then at least consider standardising the font so that between pages, the text looks the same. Currently, the text is bigger on some pages than others and appears to be...
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    Check Out This Color Change.

    Belittling perhaps, and certainly on the harsh side - I wish that he had posted on a lighter note. However, I also happen to agree with what he has said. You asked for feedback on your handling and he gave it to you. Your handling looks relatively smooth when it comes to the technical aspect...
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    Question for the mentalists

    1. The basics of mentalism - definitely grab a copy of Fundamentals from Bob Cassidy. I won't lie, it's not directly related to psychological forces, but it's recommended because in order to perform mentalism, you have to understand its principles, you have to understand mentalism. Otherwise...
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    The design isn't congruent with who I am - I like some of them from a purely aesthetic point of view, but none of them fit the personality that I try to portray or the effect I want to create with my mentalism.
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    Dude, you HAVE to do some magic!

    To everyone who has mentioned that they forget everything they've learned: It's because you haven't thought about your magic. Chances are, when you perform, you might perform an ACR, or a 3Fly, or Two Card Monte, Dr. Daley's Last Trick, etc., right? But I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that...
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    Space Invaders Cards!

    Curious about picking one up for the design. May well do so with a couple of friends to share shipping costs...
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    What do you look for in a new trick?

    If it's come from someone's act... First I determine if that person's act is worth looking into! But if it is, then it generally holds a lot more value for me than your average I thought of this 3 months ago stuff that gets put out all the time. Important things for me are: Is the effect...
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    What is This???

    Pete is right - there are many effects along these lines, variations on the same concept, so of the resources he named, look at the Aronson effect first in my opinion.
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    New Member - Banned from Magic Cafe

    ...And all this matters why? Look, the Café is well known for attracting criticism in areas to do with, shall we say, manager discretion. Sometimes it's valid, and sometimes it isn't. Sometimes, the "old guard" unfairly knock on anyone not in their group, particularly when it comes to...
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