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    When layman ask you to teach him a trick...

    I do understand that, because obviously there is a magical entity to using cards. I use my discretion of course, i've performed the trick hundreds of times but only taught it twice. Both people have invested their time into learning magic. Even for those people with a clear understanding that...
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    When layman ask you to teach him a trick...

    I usually teach this unique trick, i'm not sure of the name, but it takes preparation: You take certain cards out of the deck with a clear "direction" and these include: 3's, 5's, 6's, 7's, 8's, 9's and aces. No diamonds, but all other pips have a clear "direction". You point all their...
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    The Royal Road to Card Magic - THE Review

    I really enjoy this review. Imagining the time and thought it took to put this together should be reason enough to get the book. I mean, you will not see this amount of work put into an unworthy book. I do own the book, and i'm in the process of buying Card College.
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    Sybil... I need help...

    To get a great looking sybil, take up as much space in front of you as possible. Also, be as natural as you can. Turn your body to give different angles, and loosen up. Here is a great video that will help to advance your sybil. Ths is the 6th and final installment in CardShark88's sybil...
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    Strong Magic?

    Theres alot of hard hitting tricks on The Trilogy, by Dan and Dave, but you can only purchase the tricks dvd if two handed cuts and flourishes aren't your thing. Also, the 1 on 1 section, if you haven't checked it out, has a great deal of tricks that you can master due to the skill that you...
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    Strong Magic?

    I was confused by the title, because Strong Magic is the title of a very popular book by Darwin Ortiz. How far along are you in magic? What products have you already bought?
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    Lissema Display - Tutorial

    This tutorial almost sells the werm even more, i vote for the thread to be left alone.
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    YouTube Insight - Hotspots : A visual graph of audience attention.

    This can really help emphasizing certain parts and using patter. I really like the idea. When i upload videos, of course i will use this tool.
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    Psycho - Box Monster Inspired Effect

    Haha i think i realized that after my last joke, what with all the crickets churping. Thats why i went back to being productive and awaiting the next rip roaring riot that you caused with another joke from that goldmine keyboard of yours.
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    Magic Books

    Here is a really cheap copy i just found.
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    Psycho - Box Monster Inspired Effect

    Sweet. That means make a video of it, i really wanna see it. Just imagine the patter that can go along with that. If you're creative enough, you can really personify the card.
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    Psycho - Box Monster Inspired Effect

    I do not recall anyone responding to this. I feel like working with this idea can make a really neat trick, as the video itself actually has lots of potential. To restate what i'm saying: Start with them picking a card and putting it back in the deck. You put the deck in the box, let them...
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    Psycho - Box Monster Inspired Effect

    Okay you're reminding me alot of the old man down the street sitting on his porch with a shotgun, and its kinda creepin me out. I don't intend on angering people, but in all fairness you do have a choice whether to read my posts or not, you are warned by the name above the post before having to...
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    Psycho - Box Monster Inspired Effect

    Speak well you do. Engrish sekun rangrage?
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