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  • Hi R3MAN,

    Any news on the 'Daniel Madison System'?

    It says its on its way at the end of 'Thoughts of a Madman'



    I noticed that you said that DeckNine was stripped from Identity, I was one of the lucky ones to actually have gotten it within the first 2 hours.

    I then read a comment about it being in 3/|||, but it was also not included in there.

    I also read a upcoming project called Coin, I believe in one of his E-Books.

    Is there any information on this.
    Hey R3! hows it going! what project you be working on?
    (or are you not working on anything?)
    I thought I'd let you know, I noticed an unfinished sentence in my review that just leads into a new sentence, so I fixed it.
    Hey, I tried to send you a PM, but you seem to have them disabled.

    But to answer your question, absolutely--I would be honored!
    sorry but are you ever gonna realese like a 1 on 1 through t11? if you do that would be cool
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