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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    Ah okay. Brilliant. Thanks for the quick reply. Such a cool effect. Cannot wait to try it out.
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    Hi Jonathan, it's mentioned that discounted coins will be available after much will they be and can you provide a link to the page to buy them as I can't find one. Cheers
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    We've been dreaming. The Mystery Box.

    One question JB: I'm gonna be out when this thing drops...and won't be back to my computer till tomorrow morning...will I be out of luck in getting hold of one of whatever the hell it is, or will there be enough? Me
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    David Blaine Real or Magic Discussion.

    Does anyone have any idea when this will air on UK television? Steph
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    You Arrogant Little...

    Probably around the 10 - 20 minute mark. Either that or just after someone tells them that they are the best magician they've ever seen.
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    And all will be consumed?!

    I'd also be interested in the answer to that. I bought this product the other day and have to say that I was pretty pleased with it. is it perfect? Nope. Is it good? Yep. Well done Chris. Rabid
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    Daniel Madison and Mathieu Bich on P&T's Fool Us

    Props to Mr Madison. 'Twas a superb performance. What Penn said to him must have made him feel a million dollars. This show gets better and better. Rabid
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    WH's T&R on sale. Limited to 100. I bought mine!

    Ordered it the moment I got the email. However, I thought initially that it was a DVD of Wayne's lecture, inc the explanation of CH. Now I find out it's not, it's just the Tn'R. Balls. Super stoked still as I've heard about this effect for an age and have always wanted to get my hands on it...
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    Ellusionist's Sentinels

    For the record: I was shown some of the designs for this new deck before E were putting the finishing touches to the Arcanes as I know the designer there. So the accusation / speculaltion is false. Rabid
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    Very well said. Nice story mate. Steph
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    Peter Eggink's Cased - and why I think it's rubbish

    Twas a joke...if a little half hearted I grant you. However, I'm not guessing at anything, merely responding to what's right in front of me. Now, tis' the truth that what i see in front of me could be completely different than what another sees...but if we all saw the same thing, life would...
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    Peter Eggink's Cased - and why I think it's rubbish

    Sheesh...for someone who doesn't care or has better things to do, you sure do get yourself worked up, don't you? In all honesty - and in your defence - your post caught me at the end of a particularly bad day and whilst I stand by what I said and think, I really shouldn't have aimed...
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    Peter Eggink's Cased - and why I think it's rubbish

    Jeez...I really hate magic sometimes. If I wasn't so addicted to it I wouldn't have to know that there were so many immature and ignorant people in the world...aside from myself that is. I was kinda' hoping I was unique. No good as an opener. No good as closer. No good full stop. What...
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    Free Justin Miller download

    I could say something about that email address...but... Well, I won't.
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    A Rant

    Would you care to elaborate on the differences here? Surely imperfect rehearsal leads to the same thing? One might also argue that practice and rehearsal could be considered the same thing in this context. I'd be interested in your opinion. Rabid
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