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    Best impromptu haunted deck?

    i dont think its ever possible to do so here i havent discovered out any solution related to it yet..... :(
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    The potato change

    i phone really sucks. it dosent works well. i never liked it with my hearth at all
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    Where to go after Bobo.

    David Roth's Expert Coin Magic, Richard Kaufman's Coinmagic are the only preference of mine
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    How To Improve Your Videos Overnight

    hats off to you for such suggestions here.. i absolutely like them a lot they would definitly help us in future
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    theory11 official merchandise

    that looks fine to me i loved it a lot
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    Biggest problems related to magic business!

    my biggest concerns are that Can I make a living at what most consider a hobby? If a business opportunity surfaces how do I convey that I am serious about it. How do I get taken seriously when I say I am a magician.
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    Second Deal Practice Session

    amazing work being done here! i think its just creative thanks for the regard hats off to you..
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    me newbie on this community joined here to share my knowledge and to be an active user on this community
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