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  • Ok, mine and yours are not similar...thanks for responding though.

    I wish you the best.

    For your tnr is it impromptu meaning does it use 1 card only, such as Ultimate Rip-Off.
    Or does it use the 2 card folding method, such as Torn and many others.

    Also, is it a flash restoration (full card) or piece by piece?

    But if I can see a performance, just make sure, it would be great.

    I'll see if I can film a performance as well, I put one up last week, but decided to take it down as it was not a good performance.

    I'm also putting together an e-book with many of my original effects including my tnr as well as many other tnrs I have developed

    I've been working on mine for 2+ years and hope that no one has discovered the method.
    Sounds cool.

    Right now, I'm in the process of putting together my impromptu tnr as well.

    So far I need a few good pages.
    Right now I'm also working on a tnr.

    I also like the sound of your's C.P.R., any way you can get a video up?
    I don't actually know him. I just talk to him.

    Not Much. Just got Sony Vegas and made a video though! I submitted it, I hope they take it... you?
    I know that, and never said they did... so don't tell me to "read next time" Since quite clearly you can't follow your own advice! ;)
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