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Recent content by Ramo D.

  1. Ramo D.

    Name this trick?

    nvm found it
  2. Ramo D.

    The ZLog - My Web Series

    thats not true Zach pays for everything he does and has out of his own pocket and you don't need money or connections to get into the castle because i got in and i'm doing the same thing and i had no know what your talking about before you talk
  3. Ramo D.

    The ZLog - My Web Series

    all im gonna say is i made this about 242 days ago and the variation came a while after so if oliver or whatever his name is made it before that then ok but still a display is just like anything in magic people come up with the same ideas and tricks and don't know until...
  4. Ramo D.

    The ZLog - My Web Series

    cant wait to see what you got going Zach sound awesome
  5. Ramo D.

    Aviator playing cards

    a little longer aviators remind me alot of smooth aladdins
  6. Ramo D.

    Magic Castle Junior Program?

    the auditon days are pretty hectic jsut keeps your nerves cool i did and i auditioned last september my favorite part is actually being able to perfomr..i mean i love the meetings and hanging with people but i love to perform and show top names in magic my creations
  7. Ramo D.

    1-on-1 on Ellusionist

    who cares t11 wasnt the first website to come out with on demands or 1on1's whatever you wanna call it
  8. Ramo D.

    Tallies or Bikes?

    get em on ebay 35 a brick
  9. Ramo D.

    Magic Castle Cards

    they dont have smooth finish just get alladins
  10. Ramo D.

    you tricky tricky devil lol do you have face book...btw its me omar aka the black guy from the...

    you tricky tricky devil lol do you have face book...btw its me omar aka the black guy from the castle lol
  11. Ramo D.

    Magic Castle

    ill be there but i auditioned in sept. of 09 and got in ill just be there for support good luck to all who show up
  12. Ramo D.

    What inspired you to get in to flourishing.

    ahahha mee too lol and the virts
  13. Ramo D.

    pointless really...

    work on your mocking bird
  14. Ramo D.

    Best Amateur flourisher

    jas pas and kenneth aidan foo
  15. Ramo D.

    Anyone need a size 8 PK ring?

    can i get it *smiles cutely*..ill pay for shippiingggg
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