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    When do you know you are a professional?

    Well, when magic is your profession. When you start making money off of it, you're a professional card dude.
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    What's a good basic...

    I've used Brad Christian's "Crash Course 2" it was great and pretty helpful. "Ninja" also comes in mind. But I've heard that Oz Pearlman's "Born to Perform Magic" is one of the best for beginners.
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    Favorite Trick

    So far, my favorite trick to perform is Stigmata hands-down. Cake easiness with excellent reactions.
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    Card Control [trick]

    Nice little effect man! I'm sure it does get some good reactions. Count me in as well! ;)
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    Clutch by Oz Pearlman

    Thanks for the comment. I don't even know how hard hitting it would be to hecklers I was just building up on sinful07's comment.
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    X-Finger by Geoff Webber

    Thanks for the link ;) I found a couple of other reviews and it looks like the possibilities are endless with this effect. You do not know how happy I am that it's almost Christmas :P
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    X-Finger by Geoff Webber

    Has anybody used this effect? I was looking at E and found it. It looks too good to be true, anybody recommend it? Any comments? I think I want to get it. Thanks! :D
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    Clutch by Oz Pearlman

    Thanks for the input so far guys. :) Yeah, this trick seems to be a heckler killer :D I like how it's impromptu and hard hitting.
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    Clutch by Oz Pearlman

    Hey guys, I really want to get this trick, does anybody have it? Is it worth it? Looks like a really good little impromptu effect. :) Thanks! :D
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    No flourishing at the dinner table.

    That's basically me :P
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    What cards?

    QFT After using some Black Tigers / Ghosts, for me, it's better with normal Bicycles because most people know them
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    What do you want for Christmas?

    Dear Santa, I want Clutch, Tagged, eXile and a pair of Guardians :D
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    Playing Card Design

    A deck with Mythic gods would be kick-a**! :D
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    Which trick should I get?

    I'm pretty much settled for Clutch as my first option. So, what should be my second purchase? As said before, eXile's effect is just too impressive to pass out although it's not as practical as mentioed. Anyhow, this would be the order I'll be buying them: Clutch eXile Tagged (Ferguson) RIOT...
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    Who are you?!

    I'm Omar, 16 years old and High School student. I do magic as a hobby and don't necesarily picutre myself performing professionally but will definitely never stop performing ;)
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