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  • This may seem like a completely random question, but in the UK, are CDs wrapped in cellophane? (Like playing cards)
    hey, your doing better than I. i'm just sponsoring somebody through a Charity organization, that just puts distance between me and the Girl i'm helping. i hope to someday visit her or something, causer right now, this is only affecting my wallet. not my heart. your trip will do you wonders.

    sorry just realized you said convince yourself your a good person, why?
    Hey Randomwrath! William Draven here. I just wanted to send along a friendly reminder that I've not revieved your essay yet, and there's only a few days left to submit it! I'm sure you've probably already got it done and have been busy, but it never hurts to be informed!Best of luck to you in the contest!

    Because of my lack of sleep, I accidentaly posted that BEnjamin Earl's Thought of Card to Pocket was in DISK 3, Gambling.

    However, it is in DISK 3 Psychological stuffs. Just so you don't go ahead and buy the wrong dvd ;)

    The other effects I mentioned are also in DISK 3 Psychology.

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