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    t11.bulletin - theory11 has a MASSIVE secret

    I don't care if you have to "vent". Just do it in private, and stop spilling your childish whining beans all over Theory11's floor. Have a little respect man, you are calling month/years of preparation for an "epic event failure". Whoooaa hold on, since when has using phrases like that been...
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    t11.bulletin - theory11 has a MASSIVE secret

    Oh come on people, what the hell is the matter with you?! I feel so bad for the Theory11 crew - they do something exciting and fun that has taken lots of planning and preparation, and then people just start crying and *****ing like a bunch of god damn babies, it's really making me sick.. I...
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    The Theory11 Mystery Package!

    They dropped off a package at your house at 11 PM?! That is just awesome!
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    t11.bulletin - theory11 has a MASSIVE secret

    First, if you are so worried about "consuming time", why the hell bother making 30+ posts in this thread? Go waste your precious time somewhere else kiddie. Second, who says this will lead nowhere? There is probably a price at the end. Besides it is a lot of fun. I bet you think too, why...
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    Want an Interview?

    Hey, I suggest you send an email to Wayne Houchin. He is always very kind, and takes his time to do his daily updates and answer questions from people. Plus, he is out there performing a lot. I am almost positive he will help you out.
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    Crush Review

    No, you don't carry something extra around, it's only the bottle. But there is a time-limit on the ungimmicked version.
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    Anyone seen that green & white book that just came out called Rune’s World?

    Oliveras is right - I don't think you guys realise how much of a celebrity Rune is in Denmark. Everybody knows him! He is the funniest guy ever. He is a "comedian" too, and has been in several stand-up shows, his own magic-shows, and on two seasons of a sketch-show called "Tak For i Aften" /...
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    Magic Poetry

    This is probably something for you :D
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    New Guy

    Welcome to T11! And well, since we are talking about the wire, have any of you guys noticed that some weeks ago and some time before that, they have changed the description on the page? Now it says: "This section will be uncovered in time. Development is still in progress. Subscribe to our...
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    Necklace/Bracelet Magic?

    No problem man. :-) Can't think of anything else right now, but I'm sure I have something on one of my shelves of books and DVD's. I will let you know if I find something.
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    Necklace/Bracelet Magic?

    Northbound by Sean Fields
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    Dude that was pretty awesome! That is a nice way to do it. But, to make it more "invisible", instead of showing your left hand empty and jesturing, just drop your hands to the sides, and maybe ask the audience a question. Then, casually (still keeping eye-contact with your audience), bring...
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    Book Problem

    Interesting... Sure you didn't get a chinese fake-version where the first 3 pages are in english and the rest in chinese?
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    Killers DVD - Daniel Madison and Myles Nakouzi

    Omg.. Are YOU joking or are you serious?
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    Submit trick to theory11?
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