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    Tricks for Hecklers

    Wow... are we magicians really that much of an attention whore that we have to perform for anybody who doesn't recognize our oh so precious "art"? Sometimes when reading this boards I sure think so. Performing at school. Heh you jesters.
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    Patter to use when using Monopoly money in Prophet?

    And the reason for that is... what again?
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    Can you buy Wynns from Las Vegas?

    If there is a nice way to get owned... I think this is one.
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    Saturday Night Contest : Wayne Houchin Facts

    - Wayne Houchin can perform the three card monte with one card only. - Once Wayne Houchin tied an elephant on a string, as a suprising kicker ending for "Thread" - Wayne Houchin CAN cut cheese with cards.
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    P.S.P - Plates for Speed Up of Pass, Akira Fujii

    While I can understand that, I still wanna point out that it doesn't hurt anybody to have a pass which is undetectable. But that goes for all sleights.
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    10 bucks for art?

    Painting a car doesn't cost 2x the price of the car itself ;) Though I really think they'll be cheaper once you buy more at once. (you don't pay shipping for every deck, you pay it for 1 order... if I'm mistaken slap me and paint me the aace of clubs on my back)
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    Using Music

    Nope. Its illegal. Taking music without the permission of the original creator and/or the producer is illegal. It doesn't matter if it is a non profit video, or your holiday movie, or how much you give credit. Its just illegal. Its something we no/low budget moviemaker have to fight with...
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    Sealed and Stuck - A few questions.

    Interesting answer as well :) I actually asked if they can sign their initials and/or a random number they thought it. By not responding to that point I take that as a "No you can't". Not going any deeper into that because of the exposure. Since I didn't know if the spectator can hold the...
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    Sealed and Stuck - A few questions.

    I didn't swim through that mess of postings... so I figured I juast ask my questions and hope they weren't answered earlier. Can I borrow the bottle? Can I let the spectator sign the initials on one side, and another random number from 1 to 1000 on the other side on the coin (and still...
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    I love live TV - Phenomenon!

    Wow... my respect towards Criss... went up... can't believe it myself.. Because I'm also a sceptic...this is america, I think people should make up their own minds on what they believe and what they think.. but meh.. thats only my opinion :) interview...
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    A rant.

    still sounds like a pointless witchhunt to me. I feel comfy with my pass. So I use it when I feel its right to do so. Basicly its my first slight in an ACR. And I got my reason for that. If feel more secure and natural with doing my pass, then doing a double undercut. Which simply looks...
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    Factory Sealed - Review

    May I quote the same guy only a bit further in the thread? He changed his mind. :) Edit: Will do.
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    Factory Sealed - Review

    Hm.. didn't saw them. Mind providing the link sheriff Andy?
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    Factory Sealed - Review

    Infact.. yeah. In my posting above. :) Are you kind of obsessed by some weird CIB demon or someting like that? Or is it really something personal against E...? Just wondering. Because your action are really WAY beyond the usual questions to make up ones mind. You stated this very often in...
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    Factory Sealed - Review

    I like it that some people think they can't :D Means not everything can be exposed over internet. As for me, today I found something out which allows me to let a spec go into a supermarket, buy a waterbottle of his choice, gimme a coin (sadly not a big coin yet) and so on and so on. Andy, its...
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