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  • Thanks RDChopper! Thank you for your comment and sharing your thoughts on the effect, that's great and always very helpful what fellow magicians think and how they perceive it from their perspective. There's quiet a lot going on there, when it comes to the method, some of the things I was testing for the first time. But it seemed to work :)

    Again, big thans, I think you had great idea with this thread, it could be even a separate forum. Anyway, all the best for you, I'll be dropping something new soon :)
    Haha. Not sure exactly where you're up to, but... Long story short, Yuuzhan Vong take Coruscant. Galactic Alliance retreat to Mon Calamari and stage a trap in the Deep Core, luring and trapping a large part of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet under Tsavong Lah in narrow hyperspace lanes around Ebaq 9. The Alliance win, partly due to Vergere sacrificing herself and Jaina kills Tsavong Lah. Then they win the second Battle of Coruscant; Luke and Jacen find Zonama Sekot, they arrive at Coruscant, Jacen kills the Supreme Overlord Shimmra and Onimi and the new Warmaster surrenders... The remaining Yuuzhan Vong hop on Zonama Sekot and gtfo :p That's the gist of it xD
    Hey dude, yeah, I'm around! Not often, and I don't post very often these days, but sure I hop on from time to time. I'm pretty good, just busy with life, you know? Uni, work, etc. How about you, how's it all going?
    Haha nice nice, yeah I read the encyclopedia stuff too. I get stuck for hours on Wookiepedia, for one. It's funny, my friend and I even had our different areas of expertise (although I suspect that my knowledge has dropped somewhat since my heyday)... By the by, do you have Skype/IM?
    Nice! Haha.

    Yeah man, that's right.. My best friend and I have both been huge fans since we were like 6, so it just kinda stuck :p

    Just wanted to drop by and say what's up! You'd probably remember me if I said my previous Account went by the name Jv - I was good friends with Casey (CardClip) Black&WhiteIllusionist, Tally-Ho and the rest of the gang... hope all is well! (Y)
    I just realized that the Wire thread got closed. Even after all this time, Kittys are still a surefire way to get a thread closed. Although, I think The Kitty Thread was before Casey's time.

    Hi. I too miss the days with the guys, hanging out in tally-ho, getting into all sorts of mischief. say we get the gang back together and refer to ourselves as "The Veteran Cynical Prick Society Of Theory11."
    Que Pedo we??? I dont know about all that, must be a Spanish thing.

    Anyhow, Feliz Cumpleanos and mayo tu hacer el amor con una mujer durante mucho tiempo. I think. OK my Spanish is a little oxidado:)
    Que Pedo we!!! Feliz Cumpleaños!! lastima que estes tan lejos sino yo invitaba las cheves!!
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