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    I need some advice on releasing an effect

    Does the other effect have the same presentation regarding the Crying Boy painting? If so, then I wouldn't release it. The presentation is the best part of the effect, so unfortunately "great minds think alike." Also, is the 50,000 number based in fact? It seems awfully high. Similar to...
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    What is the best option for a card fountain?

    I haven't tried the inexpensive ones. I have a Dave Powell card fountain which can be built into a card box. It works well but it is a bit knacky and practicing with it, well, is a bit time consuming considering the clean-up.
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    Nerdy girl love

    That Doogie Dowser deck you mentioned sounded really cool as did the "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" deck. Wait... is that a hint?
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    Out Jogging Cards While Holding a Break

    Somehow I missed that coming out. Oh well, there goes another $100.
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    Conrad Bush's The Dollar and the Lemon Jim Steinmeyer's Pasteboards Under Glass Robert Haas' Amazing Mystical Vanishing Bandana Aldo Colombini's Restless Colours Harapan Ong’s Triumph Squared Bobo's Coins through Table Routine Simon Lovel's version of Wildcard My Version of Chris Philpott's...
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    Suggestions for Disappearing Person

    Get a Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. There are several ideas that you could use in there.
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    Making Original Tricks

    Additional note on notebook: Write things out with sufficient detail and don't use non-standard abbreviations. I have notebook entries that I can't figure out what I was thinking at the time I wrote them.
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    Making Original Tricks

    There is a saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention." The corollary is that the worst way to be creative is to sit down and try to be creative.
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    Lets make a magic trick 1 sentence at a time

    communicate with extra-terrestrial life?
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    Mentalism Routines and Books

    Any PDFs of the original "Color Series" manuscripts are unauthorized and therefore illegal copies. Avoid downloading or purchasing illegal copies of magic manuscripts / books and support the authors who wrote them by purchasing from a reputable source.
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    Books for a College Level Magic Class

    So my wife informed that it is likely that nobody would be as crazy as me and come up with a complete syllabus just for fun. I replied, "I'm sure lots of people would do it just for the intellectual challenge." She gave me the same look as when I ask her to pick a card. So, feel free to reply...
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    Lets make a magic trick 1 sentence at a time

    She looks at the spectator and asks...
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    Books for a College Level Magic Class

    So here is what I've got so far: The Art of Magic - T. Nelson Downs (1909) (PDF - $5.50) Our Magic - Nevil Maskelyne & David Devant (1911) (PDF - $8.00) Original Tarbell Course (1928-1931) (PDF - $24.50) Jinx (1934-1941) (PDF - $15 or Conjuring Arts Research Center - Free)...
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    Books for a College Level Magic Class

    Good choices, but I would want to go beyond cards. Also, I think EACT is overrated. I see and agree with the thinking here... the technique is secondary to the presentation. I've found Nelms to be a more difficult read, especially in light of the dated nature of a lot of the effects he uses...
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    Learning Mentalism

    With a solid understanding of the fundamentals (by reading the books and resources outlined in your other thread), you most likely will be able to come up with methods for that material. Obtaining the level of understanding will take several years. Many of effects you see might be published by...
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