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    I have five dollars.

    Thanks for the replies guys. Actually, I already have Cascade Control. And thanks for the suggestion of saving up, but ironically, that's what I have left of the hundred buckaroos I saved up and just spent on stuff. I got Cascade Control, Truffle Shuffle, Skullcandy Headphones, and Dan and...
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    I have five dollars.

    Five dollars and thirty cents actually, to spend online. what should I buy? Remy
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    Breaking In a Deck of Cards

    In my experiences, the best way to break in a deck is to: Wash your hands thoroughly as to not get your cards dirty. LePaul S Spread (or just regular spread) the cards in all directions. For example, do a few spreads, then turn the deck 180 degrees, then do it again a few times, then flip the...
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    I'll try to when I get my hands on a camera :) Remy
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    Yes, Alcatraz. The island, home of the cell of Al Capone and numerous movie settings, also houses an okay deck of playing cards! Alcatraz souvenir playing cards Okay, first off, let me get this off my back. If you are a card collector like me, and collect those various souvenir decks at...
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    What makes a magic trick?

    The Pledge, The Turn, and The Prestige. :) Remy
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    Introduce some DVD's?

    I'm pretty sure you have more than enough to flourish with. I'd say just stick with those and get them down fluently...less than half of that stuff is already a lot to learn and get down smoothly. Remy
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    New to Flourishing

    I never thought there was a difference in the first place.
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    Coin DVDs, Homer Liwag, and Dan White

    You mean spelling. :) Remy
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    Thoughts on "Nearly One Year Later"

    Ho ho ho, I think you got yourself into a heap of trouble my friend. :) haha GO MACS Remy
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    DnD's New Website & The Vault

    Ah, this is so strange. Oh well, the day's not over yet. If the site's not up in 5 hours and 20 minutes and 12 seconds..... :) Remy
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    Trilogy Tricks or Dangerous Mystique

    Well I'd say, certain tricks in Dangerous require more balls to perform. But the Trilogy's tricks DVD contains about a bajillion useful sleights. Certain Dangerous tricks require more setup, while the Trilogy's Tricks don't. Let me try a different approach at comparing the two. Dangerous...
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    Type of thumb

    I think that comes in handy when you want drivers-by to think you are insane. :) Remy
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    I got 10 bucks today!

    That's really weird of him. Remy
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    MySpace - Daniel Madison

    Nope. It's neither an ambigram or anagram. For those words listed above you don't need to unscramble them to find out the word...nor is it an ambigram because it's not identical upside down. Remy
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