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    Tangled Web and Steranko on Cards.

    Okay, so I recently lost my copy of Steranko on Cards, and I'm also looking for Tangled Web but they both seem to be out of stock, everywhere I look. Have they been discontinued?
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    HOPEFULLY THE FINAL UPDATE. Madison's assistant has gotten back to me and apologised for the delay, the assume it either never left or got lost in the post and have said, they'll be sending another copy and a few freebies first thing tomorrow to apologise. Hopefully everything will be bueno soon.
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    I e-mailed his personal assistant and it seems despite his promise, my e-mails are going unanswered. Really starting to get annoyed now, especially since I ordered the book on April 7th. It's nearly a month now, and I've had only one response, a week ago yet nothing has been done.
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    Deception - Misdirection - Execution - Art

    Deception - Misdirection - Execution - Art
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    Card Controls.

    Honestly, mate I'd say the SWE shift or stick to the DPS. Based off your resources. But, practicing the pass is something you should start
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    If You Could Only Have 1 Magic Book, What Would it Be?

    Give me some specifics here. Are you new to magic? Or intermediate? Also, what type of magic do you perform? Card tricks, gambling demonstrations, coin magic, cups and balls, mentalism? Because you know, it depends what you're after. Like, I wouldn't buy Bobo's Coin Magic, not because it's bad...
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    I remember first getting into gambling and I used the Madison grip before I ever bought any of his products. I think it's all down to personal preference, and how you adjust moves to fit you. Reading the Expert At The Card Table for the first time, I noticed how the cards tended to slip upwards...
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    I'm sorry. Bad habits, won't happen again.
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    Daniel Madison New Madisonist

    In all honesty, I quite like Madison. He was the first person I ever saw doing gambling sleights, and I was pretty mind blown as a kid. But, I don't mean to sound disrespectful, because he's good at what he does, but no better than majority of gamblers. As a gambler I think we're all effectively...
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    Thank you so [edited by moderator] much, man! Appreciate it unreal amounts. I've just emailed his assistant and hopefully I'll be sorted out soon.
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    Further update. Despite contacting me almost a week ago, I have still not received the book I ordered and am beginning to think I've been ripped off £52. I commented on one of his most recent Instagram posts, since then the comments have been deleted and disabled. Genuinely disappointed now...
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    Just to update, he's contacted me on Instagram and he's been really helpful and is sorting me out with the order.
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    I've tried Instagram, and don't have twitter man. I'll just wait and see what happens.
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    Nah, it's not the Madisonist playing cards. It's one of his book, mate.
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    So I recently made my first purchase from Daniel Madison's website. The payment has gone through and the confirmation email confirmed that all UK orders are dispatched within 48 hours. It's now been almost a fortnight, and nothing. Despite the emails and the phone calls I've made, I have had no...
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