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  1. revelation77

    Daniel Madison's Psycho

    @Caesar Da Mystifier
  2. revelation77

    Lottery Ticket Trick

    @Flyspazz There is more than one method to this effect and it appears that he is after any helpful suggestions in finding a method. So try to be helpful next time. This may not be the exact method that those guys use but it's the same effect and will get you thinking creatively about how it's...
  3. revelation77

    Definitely worth a watch!

    That's James Galea's signature routine. Yay for Australian magicians.
  4. revelation77

    Wayne Houchin Daily Updates?

    I've noticed this too. Just check his Facebook and this was his status last thursday - "Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! ... Filmed all day yesterday with Paul Harris and Aaron Fisher - spent today loading into the theatre for this weekends performances. Dead tired - time to crash...
  5. revelation77

    Muscle Pass

    Just take a coin with you where ever you go. Just do it again and again and build up the callus. I remember when I was learning, I was still at school so I sat in classes just shoot the coin from hand to hand all day. The amount of time it takes to get it high/strong/accurate depends on your...
  6. revelation77

    Stop Saying Patter Please

    I agree with your views on these types of threads, but is this your answer? Quarrelling over definitions and claiming that people should stop using terms that have been commonly used as a slang amongst magicians for decades? This is the intelligent conversation? Okay... Rev.
  7. revelation77

    Sinful07 - Voluntary Work Fundraiser

    Do a magic show...seriously. Go to a local theatre and get some prices. And from there it's just simple math. If they charge $500 a night for rental of their venue and they have a 200 seat capacity. If you charge tickets at $15 each, you can make $2500 per night(3000 minus the theatre rental)...
  8. revelation77


    The effect that's focused on in the PDF uses a wallet. The 'Anate' psychological technique allows you to force a number/index, not a suit. This has to be done yourself. Dee mentions using a simple equivoque force the suit but he doesn't exactly teach that in the pdf. It is definately possible...
  9. revelation77

    Mind Reading Beginners

    I know it has been said before but I will repeat it for you. Corinda's Thirteen Steps to Mentalism. It covers an entire range of effects, styles and presentations. This is perfect for the beginner and has some routines with memorized decks if that tickles your fancy. If you want to start...
  10. revelation77

    Heirloom Redux by Mark Elsdon

    Great, I'm gonna pick this one up. (It's so cheap...why not?) Cheers, Rev.
  11. revelation77

    Heirloom Redux by Mark Elsdon

    Does it differ - at all - from the effect of the original Heirloom?
  12. revelation77

    NW Routine Ideas

    I think the strongest things in magic are the simple things. There is nothing wrong with what you just said but as praetoritevong it is how you dress it up that makes it. If you find a presentation that fits your style, thats what is strong. You should be able to get some good ideas from Step 1...
  13. revelation77

    My Melbourne Cup Prediction

    You don't believe an illusionist? But why?
  14. revelation77

    My Melbourne Cup Prediction

    Oh, its a public holiday here in Melbourne. No school, no work.
  15. revelation77

    Smoke One vs Ultra Smoke 2000

    This is from the ad copy of Smoke One "The Smoke One ELECTRONIC minds your clothes. " I believe that's their way of telling you that it is non-corrosive.
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