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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable : Blake Vogt!

    Snc 1.How did you become such good friends with Calen Morelli? 2 Where do you want you and your magic to be in 10 years? 3. Who is your biggest inspiration now and when you started in Magic? Thanks!, RHR
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    Saturday Night Contest - Create a Trick!

    sorry guys didnt mean to
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    Saturday Night Contest - Create a Trick!

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    Roundtable Discussion - Calen Morelli + Blake Vogt

    For Calen: What is it like gaining all of this fame and fortune after creating the amazing 365 Days of Magic blog? What usually sparks your interest when you come up with a very creative effect? What was your first trick and how excited were you when you got it? RHR
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    Saturday Night Contest - Match That Deck!

    Snc A. League- 1898 B. Bee 200 C. Bee 203 D. Pneumatic No. 1- 1894 E. Cyclist- 1898 F. Motor No 1- 1901 G. New Fan- 1894 Think this is it! RHR
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    Card in Bottle

    Hey guys, So yesterday I was trying hard to create a new effect. I picked up a vitamin water bottle and a card and I brainstormed. I wanted to create the perfect card in bottle, and I was playing around with it and finally came up with two methods that I think are really good. Im just...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Christmas Card Lotto

    Card guess Six of spades
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    Saturday Night Contest - 60 Seconds of Cardistry

    Snc Hey Guys, Here is my submission: hope You guys enjoy! RHR
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    Bottom Deal Blog

    what do you think of the website?
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    Bottom Deal Blog

    Hey Guys, So I recently put together a blog that I was interested in. I think being in the magic community there should be a few websites dedicated to strictly news, podcasts, and articles on magic. I created this blog so people can enjoy it and really be updated in the magic world. As we...
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    Saturday Night Contest - The "Art" of Magic

    we going to find out the winner??
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    Saturday Night Contest - The "Art" of Magic

    Here is my entry!! Hope you enjoy! RHR
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    Saturday Night Contest - Demonstration of Erdnase

    Ok. But dont know why you would be looking down there anyway...
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