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    Monarch Collectors Guide

    I have to agree w Lyle it’s overkill to suggest cellophane can be used to determine the variant of a deck if I remove the cellophane for example to see the cards - then does that revert my v4 to a v2?? it’s ridiculous
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    Holiday Wheel 2019?

    You had me in the first half...not gonna lie Sheesh! Lol
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    Holiday Wheel 2019?

    Now THAT is a seriously great prize!
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    Merry Christmas Theory 11 crew

    Do they send out gifts to their elite members usually?
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    Merry Christmas Theory 11 crew

    I dunno but I received this today
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    Merry Christmas Theory 11 crew

    First I want to thank Lyle & everyone at T11 I just received a wonderful and completely unexpected surprise in my mailbox today Completely unexpected I’m still shaking my head at it - because I really thought T11 had focused mainly on their US customers and now I see that is not the case...
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    Holiday Wheel 2019?

    Just bought 12 Star Wars decks 12 spins 8 of those No Rewards - lol
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    When you say “prove” Do you have a proof of purchase?
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    *NEW* Derren Brown Cards

    I want to see the faces of the rest I really love T11 cards But as a collector I’m wanting more than just a fancy tuck and custom aces
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    Black Friday sale

    Frankly I’m really annoyed w T11 Hyping the Gold Artisans but putting it behind a paywall of $150 is tbh - ridiculous Ridiculous because T11 hasn’t really released much AT ALL for this sale I’ve pretty much bought every deck for sale on this site (doubles of many) as well as many effects...
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    Derren Brown Box Set Value

    I was coming here to post something similar I simply need to know what is the other “secret” alluded to But magic sellers unfortunately have a reputation for disappointment by oversell $100 is not the issue It’s whether I get anything of remote value rather than a signed letter and two decks
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    Black Friday 2019

    Nice but HOW much will one need to spend?? Pretty silly if you already own all you really need from T11 and you’re compelled to buy more Just put a damn price on the things
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    T11 New Logo

    I prefer the logo before this one
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    Really hoping Gold Artisans aren’t...

    ...ONLY available if you purchase X amount or they’re only if you have 5000 points etc - from this site on Black Friday That would be a real kick in the guts w the amount I’ve spent here. The most annoying thing for me about T11 is the fact they’d want you to spend X amount to get a free...
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    Gold Artisan's???

    I literally just saw that post and had to come here to know what the story is...
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