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  1. rocket92

    How do you keep your magic notes?

    I use OneNote (for all my school notes as well), but any cloud sync note taking software/app would work pretty well.
  2. rocket92

    Free Magic With a Cell Phone

    One idea for another subtle convincer would be to install a custom launcher on the phone (apex, nova, etc) (you can find them on google play just search one of the ones I listed) and change the settings so that it hides the dots that show what home screen page you're on.
  3. rocket92

    Saturday Night Contest - Contraband Card Lotto

    Card 1: 4 of spades Card 2: 7 of hearts Card 1: 9 of diamonds Card 2: 3 of clubs
  4. rocket92

    Magic or Cardistry?

    What everyone is saying is not to take on all of these thing simultaneously, and maybe not even take on all of them, but rather to take things up as they interest you, and not decide at the age of 13 that you will do, for example, cardistry and nothing else for the rest of your life. At 13 years...
  5. rocket92

    Need advice please

    This assumes that your spectator has seen both a gaffed and ungaffed version of whatever trick you are doing, which in most cases won't happen.
  6. rocket92

    "The Purple Duck Experiment" (hypnotism routine)

    Based on your model, I would suggest looking into Anthony Jacquin's material on his Automatic Imagination model, it is very similar to what you've just described and may help further develop your own ideas.
  7. rocket92

    Volunteer Magic and Teenagers

    General magic usually refers to anything that is not mental magic, coins, or cards. (At least, that is how theory11 defines it in the categories for purchasing tricks) As for boundaries, I have found that in general what plays well for adults will play just fine for most teenagers. As a point...
  8. rocket92

    Any Ring Magic?

    You can also do a one-coin routine with a ring and it will work pretty well.
  9. rocket92

    Saturday Night Contest - Cards with Class

    Here are my two entries. Both pics taken at the theater where I work.
  10. rocket92

    Magic at Parties

    This is something that far more people need to try to do. Even if you can't create, build your own routines from things you already do. Don't buy new things to fit situations. I rarely perform at parties, I prefer to talk to people, but if I want to perform I'll usually find a way to mention...
  11. rocket92

    Angle z creative places to reveal

    I usually make it appear on a windowsill as far across the room from me as possible. My presentation revolves around explaining that the spectator's perception of what I'm apparently doing and what is actually happening are very different. Which is perfectly true, just not in the way I suggest.
  12. rocket92

    Marked Deck

    Yes, easily.
  13. rocket92

    Marked Deck

    I agree with Krab that you could easily adapt blood to work with those cards. However if you've decided you don't want to do that I would still recommend The Score, now that I know what your cards look like I can tell you that The Score will definitely work for you.
  14. rocket92

    Marked Deck

    The score system is great if you put in the effort. I use regular bikes so I personally prefer Blood. I'm not going to tip where I found it, because you should be able to locate it on your own. (It took me 3 minutes of looking for it to find it, and I didn't even remember the name until after I...
  15. rocket92

    Marked Deck

    If you don't use standard bikes, look at Daniel Madison's The Score. It's a marking system that will work with almost any deck and is fairly easy to memorize.
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