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    Destiny - Sandwich routine

    Thank you for this....i know,i'm from italy...that's why i speak italien.Well later i'll make an english version.cheers man
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    Is flourishing necessary in Card Magic?

    What's that for "****"?? But however,that's your choise, learning flourishes,or some Xcm cannot decrease you but only increase your skills. But if are the kind of old magician... well that' your choise. For Exemple Jeff mcbride is one of the biggest magician,he also uses flourishes.Are...
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    Happy birthday!!cheers from italy

    Happy birthday!!cheers from italy
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    Destiny - Sandwich routine

    My variation Well done very smooth!! I got too, a routine like this but with my variation Tell what you think !!
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    My Modified Version :: Top Shot

    Well man,training on this shot i've discovered this system too,but bloody dog... You're performance was absolutly great,you got a great shot!! :D
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    Is flourishing necessary in Card Magic?

    Well i know that Dai Vernon,never learned Sybil,but those were other times.! You know we are youngs,and we are in 2009,and the art of magic is going to evolve everyday! A flourishing in card magic is not necessary,but,it also can better your perfomance,but it also depend,of what kind of act...
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