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  • Hey man,

    Thanks for the kind words...I really enjoyed Untouched and would be happy to see it out there...it has A LOT of potential...it's KILLER! and I mean it.

    Also, yeah, since Summer is here, we magicians now have time to do gather our ideas and effects/routines together as well...thank you summer...lol


    First off, great props and congratulations on your tricks! They are looking good :)

    I'm still working on Untouched. It will most likely be published sooner or later. Since it's Summer, I will have much more time to develop the ideas.



    Been a while since I reviewed your effect Untouched.

    I was wondering if Untouched is being marketed?

    Cool..thanks for the response.

    I'm just putting together a stage and mentalism show.

    And I hope to pick up some magic material as well.

    I'm also creating some new magic effects as well.
    lol I dunno. Loads of work to get through. Will fit in some shooting on Saturday, I suppose. I've also got a very short cardistry vid on the way, but I'm a real noob at flourishing, so IDK. Thanks
    Just thought I drop by and say what's up and working on anything new.
    So how is your effect Untouched coming along.
    Just thought I drop by and say how are things going.
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