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    JDENredden's Ideas Vol. 1

    Hello world Basically, JDENredden had come up with a little collection of ideas (hence the name) and compiled it into a neat ebook. He was kind enough to send these around for reviews. It can be found at JDENredden's Ideas Vol. 1 - Brief Overview The ebook...
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    Looking for reviews, free PDF

    Looks pretty nice ATM, I'm in. And I promise a review :) RX illusionist @ gmail .com
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    The M5

    Learn some good stuff with coins and be happy, don't get that huge expensive magnet. Besides, you can buy the same type of magnet (even more powerful, I think) for about $4 here in Hong Kong :P
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    New Release | Drop by Chris Lafferty

    Wow... this looks cruddy... spend your money on some cards and be happy, I can't see how this trick would help your ambitious card routine.
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    Psh... wynns = hyped. Good for cuts, displays and nothing else. Grab some blue and reds and be happy. The brown ones are not much better
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    So why do we do it?

    I do magic, because I am born to perform :) Just love how people can be so shocked and astonished with something so simple. I love to entertain. etc.
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    What Do YOU Want For Christmas?

    I'm not too greedy. A brick of the new S&Ms, cos they look nice. And split spades. Loads of them Then another airsoft gun :)
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    International Shipping!

    I've never bought anything from T11 directly. And the reason for this, and I believe this is the same for people living internationally, is that the shipping is much too high! I've bought loads of cards from friendly ebayers, and they have dirt cheap international shipping (12.50 for a brick!)...
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    theory11 - SMOKE & MIRRORS : Luxury Edition Released

    I hope that these won't be 'limited' again. How many have been printed?
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    Summer School

    Same man. I've got a life to live in summer!
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    Any help on buying the right cards?

    The ultimate deck for anyone would be one that is borrowed
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    Magic Shops in Sabah, Malaysia

    Hey guys I'll be heading off to Sabah, Malaysia soon for a week. Just wondering if there's any shops there. Please do reply as soon as possible. Thanks!
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    Official // CCC Team Formations // Thread

    XD Speak of the devil, the team is not on the list anymore :eek:
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    Official // CCC Team Formations // Thread

    No, but you can still use my sister Do you have any vids? Looked into your Youtube, but not much there XD
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    Methods of unwarping cards

    Sam Rochon is right with the silica packets. Those are helpful when you're not using the cards. My advice is to put the cards in a PORPER clip (fakes won't work) every day when you go out with a deck, and to 'unwarp' them, take one of those metal table clamps you use for sawing stuff...
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