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    Help! Elite Member Initiative

    Glad to help out a fellow Seattleite! ***Elite Member Giveaway***: -Incorporate an exclusive Elite Member Giveaway (raffle) on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Examples of prizes could include items from the store or archive, gift certificates, equipment for shooting videos for the...
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    From Card Sharp to Magician?

    Back in 2003 I read the book Bringing Down the House, and I was fascinated by the story. Basically, it was the story that inspired the movie 21. Anyways, this was the beginning of high school for me and after that I learned card counting, false shuffles, second deals, the pass, and three card...
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    Charity: Water project

    Hey William, Raising funds for a charitable cause is never a bad thing in a perfect world. However, there are individuals and corporations that take advantage of the kind gestures of others. People are now cautious about donating their hard earned money because of this fact. The best thing that...
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    Presentation Lectures

    I also recommend these books as well. Both of them will make you question every aspect of your presentation for the better! ~Ryan
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    Well I can speak on the emotional aspect. If you are a good enough entertainer, you will derive some type of emotion from an audience. If this is a positive emotional response, a business can take advantage of this. Customers will want to return to the place of business to experience what they...
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    Staple gun roulette ideas

    Hey ribby! I have a question with this effect as I do not own it. You said in the descriptions it is the third staple gun with the loaded staples as the climax. Was this a typo? Wouldn't it make more sense that the last (the fourth) staple gun have the "ammunition". With roulette effects the...
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    ZaidA, No one here will be able give you a straight forward answer such as "2 hours a night". It depends on your individual goals in regards on what you want to do as well as the time you have available outside your responsibilities. For me personally, I will practice an effect until the...
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    This seems like an interesting conversion that I can throw my 2 cents into. Can I first ask what marketing book you are reading? A return on investment can easily be measured financially and physically because they are quantitative. Lets say you get hired to work an event. The client invest...
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    NON-TOXIC With non British Phone Numbers

    I have not purchased Non-Toxic yet, but I was wondering if this method is different from the one Rich Ferguson uses in his "This is Mentalsim" dvd? I no longer own the dvd, but I believe he also came up with a way to force a number using a calculator on a phone. Reading the description at face...
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    Forcing a superhero name? (Dress code)

    If the audience is big enough tell the audience to yell out a couple favorite of their superheros. Word choice is important because you want as much audience participation as possible. The audience at this point should be yelling out a couple names all at once ..batman,spider man, superman etc...
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    Forcing a superhero name? (Dress code)

    How big is the audience size?
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    ~Request for Feedback~ Tacked

    ArmanMagic, To be honest, I perform this strictly for the close up or stage setting. When I perform this I usually buy a tack board for my show (like the one seen in the demo) and hang it on the wall behind me or on the side of the stage (depending on the setup of the stage). Instead of...
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    ~Request for Feedback~ Tacked

    Thank you so much for your feedback I really appreciate it
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    ~Request for Feedback~ Tacked

    Hey guys, My name is Nick (I perform under the name Ryan Fox) and I released an effect called Tacked a few days on the Wire. If anyone has purchased the effect I would really appreciate some feedback from you guys. This effect was my trial run and I would love to know what everyone thought...
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    Old Magicians vs Young Magicians

    Im not saying you would have to avoid the forums completely. Sometimes they could be educational and useful when asking questions or looking for the next product to buy. What I am saying is the forum, isnt a place where you should focus all you attention on. There as some members on other sites...
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