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  • All I need is a bit of free time and to get help filming it... And get a better editor. It'll all be worth it hopefully :)

    Yeah, just get a thread going on nearer to easter, see what happens :)
    Need to find somewhere to film it though, I liked what you did, seems a good common thing for videos. Think I will...
    Yeah just 'personalise' it, or combine a few flourishes, originallity. :)
    Sucks mate, sorry you can't go. I was hoping to go to that, or the DND lectures but none of it worked out. I guess something could happen over easter, maybe London or somewhere. Hope so, problem is getting it organised.

    It's great man, inspiring. I'm hoping to get round to making a video soon, maybe. And don't worry about the youtube, vimeo is where it's at anyway :)
    Thanks for the tutorial man, I'll give this a crack, it'll be a break from lethal and Alpha Dog... Variation you say, are you one of these people who changes flourishes slightly? I do that :p
    Also I wonder if this potential British meet will happen...?
    Been meaning to say this for a while...
    Just watched Hysteria, again, such a good watch. Makes me want to crack out a drop sybil with the Wynn's. :)
    Loving all those 'twirly single card moves' like the one at 1.31... Are they Original?
    Grea job, inspiring.
    You've seen it before? i was terrified the first time i saw it, i can never listen to that song again, it came on in art the other day on the radio and i burst out laughing, and only 1 guy knew why :p

    I hid it as youtube link, worked well a little too well with so many children here also :D

    anyway, gtg, history, graphics and german are all calling me... :/
    Link to 'meatspin' site, i found it hilarious as hell, anyway i got about 5 more accounts banned, and now i'm on my best behaviour, and contributing to the forums...

    i apologized to raiker, but i'm guessing what 'has been seen, cannot be unseen...'

    ;) ill be on msn later, got loads of hwk atm...

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