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    theory11.bulletin - Dan Sperry : Murray Hatfield Tour 2009

    What's the price? I could go to the one in Ottawa if I can afford it :D
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    Saturday Night Contest - Your Skills on Display

    Here we are:
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    Cool magicians use music...

    You used Muse so you win.
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    Calling on Team Awesome

    Ssshhhhhhh! Don't tell them about that.
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    Thumb Tip Question

    There is a thumb tip with a flint wheel to make sparks. Used to light flash paper etc.
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    Sorcerer's Safari Camp

    Oh my god! SO CLOSE NOW! :D :D This will be the awesome :cool: Indescribably excited :)
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    theory11.bulletin :: Jonathan Bayme - Update From Charlotte

    No, Mathieu Bich. Wasn't it?
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    Reactions - Through & Through

    Your kidding? That's like saying all you do is a double lift, they can grab a deck of cards and do the same thing themselves. (I think that's what it's like, at least). There doesn't need to be another 'method' for something to be impressive, when I see a fire-eater I don't think "WTF is...
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    Old move that we do not use!

    Yes, all the time and everyday.
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    What do you think we have lost within magic?

    I've lost my mind because of magic. Add one to the count of people.
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    Creative Vado HD or Kodak Zi6

    VADO! Can't recommend it enough. Take a look at test videos yourself, they look awesome. and it picks up fast motions well, like flourishing and such. Small, very very portable. Removable battery too, definitely a plus. I can't compare to similar camcorders, but take a look at some reviews...
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    Paul Harris' - The Little Man Video Up!

    It will explain all: Don't worry, it's not another one :P Your safe, and it's humorous.
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    Flip Video

    If your looking for a camera like that you should seriously consider the Creative Vado HD. I have it (I can't compare as I've never used the ones you mentioned) I love it. Seriously do some research on it at least, I find all the reviews recommend this over the other similar options.
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    Static Performance

    Politely, why?
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