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    Wow... that time of the year again?!

    Mr. Draven... Was that you that left those traps last year?! You ungrateful bastard! Think of all the little kiddies that almost didn't get their presents because you decided to be funny. Next time have a little sense about you and you won't get coal like you're getting this year. Santa never...
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    Wow... that time of the year again?!

    Chanukah Harry, Halloween Frank... what the hell is wrong with you people?!? Those are fictional characters. I'M SANTA CLAUS FER CRYIN' OUT LOUD! Sorry... have a bit of a temper problem. Living with Mrs. Claus (that time of the month for her... both figuratively and literally) and...
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    Wow... that time of the year again?!

    Time sure does go fast when you're having fun... eer, making toys. :D I just wanted to take the time to say HI to my favorite group of magicians.. I'm sure most of you have been well-behaved this year, and you'll certainly have plenty of goodies in store for you on the big day. As for those...
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    Show us your business card!

    Santa's not gonna lie... It makes me wonder if the people getting free business cards from Vistaprint should even be trying to get work. Most of the time, 'business cards' for magicians are just to stroke their ego. And I used to be guilty of it too, but that's another story. Until 12/25...
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    Well, I only did that once... ;)

    Well, I only did that once... ;)
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    SNC Reward Ideas

    Mod for a day? Kenner's maid? Dana's dog-walker perhaps?? The ideas are endless!! :D
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    World Magic Seminar :: 2009

    Sorry, but it's only until March 4. Next time you wanna correct someone, please make sure your facts are straight. ;) Until later, Santa
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    The Wire -- What's Going On?

    Yes, leave me all of the above. That will work quite nicely with some cheap whiskey to wash it down with. Do that, and all is forgiven. Except with that joke you made about my Mrs....
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    Vimeo Questions

    Vimeo is a pretty good site...That's where the Misses and I upload all our Christmas videos to. Sincerely, Santa
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    The Wire -- What's Going On?

    Sorry, but you don't get a say in this matter. Keep up that attitude and this is the Mrs. Clause that will take care of your punishment. :p Sincerely, Santa
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    The Wire -- What's Going On?

    Jon, Please, don't worry about being annoyed. Mrs. Clause does a good job of doing that 366 days a year (yes, we get an extra day up North) and I'm used to it. The millions of children are keeping me from butchering her up and giving the reindeer a 'midnight snack' so to speak. On second...
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    The Wire -- What's Going On?

    Time goes quickly at the North Pole. I'm already pushing 100 years old, before you know it I'll hit the quarter million mark. ;)
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    The Wire -- What's Going On?

    Probably more likely here than a ticket. There's something about the masses questioning the few that get's an answer rather quickly. ;) And again, I'm not looking for a definitive answer, just looking for SOMETHING.
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    The Wire -- What's Going On?

    Please, no one tell me to search. I'm just looking for a straight up answer from someone that can give it. JB, Raiker, Kenner, anyone. At this point, I think we all deserve to at least know something about it. Was the project scrapped? Didn't go as planned? Anything?? Just wondering is all...
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    Anonymous: "The Next Clue"

    Don't you mean Alt + F4?? :p
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