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  1. Sazzaro

    Possibility of picking, and forcing ways

    I'm not sure but there are some tricks about people having to choose a 2 digits number with twice the digit in order to force 77 or 33. Sorry i don't really remember but maybe you will find some informations on our favorite magic website: Youtube! Joke aside you can also find this kind of...
  2. Sazzaro

    Possibility of picking, and forcing ways

    If you ask someone a number between 1 and10 they will never answer 10. People never choose the extreme numbers , in this case 1 and 10. Most of the time they will answer 7. Sometime 9 is you ask a number "up to 10".
  3. Sazzaro

    Chris Ramsay behind your back trick

    A lot of his work use mnemonica from Juan Tamariz. It's a really good book for advance magician. It's something really different from usual sleight of hand. David blaine use it a lot too.
  4. Sazzaro

    Confession of magicians

    - I don't have any magic book - I started and learn magic from youtube vidéos and magic forums -I think your personality and what people think of you are more important than performing good tricks. -I like cards more than people do -I only have 9 tricks in my repertoire
  5. Sazzaro

    Top 5 Jaw dropping Moment in magic's History

    Really nice post. Thank you
  6. Sazzaro

    Tricks you carry in your wallet

    I tried several tricks to carry in my wallet but the only one that i use all the time is B'wave
  7. Sazzaro

    Biddle Trick presentation ideas?

    (Sorry for my bad english post) I don't like the magician in trouble plot and i really like the biddle trick. I thing the the biggest problem of the biddle trick is the lack of coherence global of the trick. Plus i don't like controling cards I always feel like it is stupid to shuffle the deck...
  8. Sazzaro

    How important is card magic in your opinion?

    Well that's an intresting thing to debate, but my point was more about the fact that you can be a great magician regardless of the type of magic you perform.
  9. Sazzaro

    How important is card magic in your opinion?

    I'm a little bit late, but i just wanted to add that you can amaze people with every kind of magic and the only really important thing is that you like what you'r doing! If people like you,they will like your magic. The opposite is true btw.
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