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  • Dude, really, I can't imagine the ammount of "matureness" (is that a word?) that you have. I have seen quite a couple of good fights in here, but I must say that you are one of the most cool and calm guys I have ever seen, if it would have been me, I would have tracked that guy's I.P adress and give him a really good beating :p
    I'll find a way for you to see it.
    Well thespians is a troupe that the school sponsors, not all schools have them (but they should). And every year each state has an annual conference at some location for all the schools that have a troupe. I didnt go last year because I was not a thespian until after the conference. But I went with hopes of performing, because theatre kids LOVE magic.
    I'm trying to upload it to, but the URL upload isn't working.
    ok, how about you make one really fast, watch the vid, then you can deactivate the account. :D
    Hey man, I put a video up of me doing magic at the conference in the thread I posted, you mind checking it out?
    haha yeah I saw that, but I didnt feel like reading through the whole thing. Its getting pretty intense, but a valid topic still.
    Your lucky your family is critical. Mine is all supportive and will tell me good thing even if I suck.
    Maybe. If I can get a camera borrow or I can use our new digital camera my family bought recently.
    Hey man, what move would you like to talk about for next thursdays roundtable? I really want everyone to be able to be part of it.
    I probably make only one or two because I'm going to Mexico for my vacaction.
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