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    Classic Pass

    I don't own that particular one, but would second Gabriel's recommending Jason England's tutorials. His technique is excellent and his teaching wonderfully clear. As for using the pass in performance - regardless of who you learn from, it will take a long while to get it down well enough to use...
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    What kind of tricks would fool magicians?

    In theory, it's quite easy to fool magicians. There's an old saying: "If a layman knows 10% of how the trick is done, he thinks he knows how the trick is done. If a magician knows 90% of how the trick is done, he thinks he's fooled." I believe this is the premise behind several Fool Us...
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    Building a magic act

    Practicing? I remember you writing in a thread about that somewhere, let me see if I have that bookmarked in another browser... Nope, doesn't seem like it. But I remember that you shared some valuable approaches on how to go about practicing your set, insights that may bear repeating in your...
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    Building a magic act

    I think there would be. Out of curiosity, what are the steps you're thinking of covering?
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    Unfortunate incident... or is it?

    What a nice guy :D Both for wanting to tip you in such an inconspicuous manner, and for keeping the secret to himself
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    Swallowing Needles - Help Needed

    Hi all, been a long time. After doing little to no magic for most of the year, I wanted to finally learn and refine some routines I've been flirting with for quite some time. Specifically, the Swallowing Needles Illusion. Now, most of the routine doesn't consist of heavy-duty sleight-of-hand...
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    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    I like the idea, but maybe instead of encouraging to exactly copy the creator, encourage an original take on the trick and have the creator pick the version he likes best?
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    The real reason teller is silent

    Kidding aside for a moment, if anybody's interested in the real reason, there's a clip from their Google Talk on YouTube where Teller explains his reasons. I highly recommend watching that video, if only to hear his voice (at the risk of using cliché, it sounds smooth as silk).
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    New Layout??

    In case anyone else wants their old design back, you can use Google Images and search "[examplename]" (without the quotation marks). If you see your picture, just download it and change your profile picture to it.
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    New Layout??

    Is there any way to have the old colorful geometric figures as avatars instead of the initials? I hate to be the one to "mourn the good old times" (I have yet to fully explore the new functions, but from what I've seen so far, I really like the new design!), but I got quite attached to my old...
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    Extremely High Standards on Magic

    Congrats both on the gig and on pulling it off so well. It looks amazing, especially the second production! Thanks also for sharing the process of creating the show with us, it was a nice glimpse behind the curtain. PS: Which song did you use in the video?
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    The One Thing to Improve Your Magic

    What is the one thing you can do to move your magic to the next level? Two things right now -- work on a new show (there's three effects I still have to learn the mechanics to) and perform what I can already do. What are you going to do about it? Be specific and be time bound. For the latter...
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    holding back cards in zarrow (and 2nd dealing)

    It's practice, nothing more. To get started, just stare at the deck for visual confirmation and go r-e-e-a-a-l slow when nearing the end of the shuffle, to be sure that you hold back three cards (or however many you're aiming for). Pretty soon, you'll hardly have to slow down with the shuffle...
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    Palm Transfer and card switch

    Hi! If you're looking for sources to learn from, have a look at Steve Forte's Gambling Protection Series. It's got five volumes, and you can either buy the one dealing with that topic alone for $20 at Vanishing Inc., or buy all five of them for $100. If you're interested in gambling stuff, I'd...
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    A Couple of Ideas

    That first one ... wow. I love everything about it.
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