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    Magic & Art

    When people say something is “an art”, they usually mean it’s a craft requiring skill or practice. A magical performance can have artistic merit, but not all do. The practice of the craft of magic is 90% learning and practice, isolated in your study- and that means 90% of magic isn’t strictly...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Every Day Carry

    I am not into photography, but I regularly use it as a starting point for drawing. I took photos of my everyday items, and ended up here. I understand that it might not suit the contest perfectly, but thought I would share regardless. Good luck everyone! Scott.
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    Looking for some books -- cards and packet tricks

    A thread about packet tricks without recommending the work of Nick Trost is an incomplete one. Do you want to work with marked cards that are marked on the back (typical) or the faces (Less common)? Annemann has some interesting work with cards marked on their faces.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Card Lotto!

    Card 1: 5 of Hearts Card 2: 9 of Diamonds Card 1: Ten of Clubs Card 2: 7 of Diamonds
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    Saturday Night Contest - Coin Toss!

    Heads Heads Tails Heads Heads Heads
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    Saturday Night Contest - 4th of July!

    Nine of hearts Four of clubs Eight of spades Jack of hearts
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    Just a bit of fun.

    I have to admit to being initially put off of this video because of your lack of a shirt, the music, and the general vibe of the beginning... but now that I've finally watched it in full, I was all the more impressed. My own cynicism about the appearance of your video kept me skeptical that I'd...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Coin Toss!

    Heads Heads Heads Heads Heads Heads Probability of this being correct: 1.56%
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    Any recommendations for metal bending?

    I always start, when looking to make a purchase in magic, with material from someone who is widely known to the point of being synonymous with their field. Osterlind and Banachek are widely known and respected in mentalism in much the same way that David Roth and Michael Rubenstein are to coin...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Create A Trick!

    I put a title on my video in the first few seconds, and wrote that it was for the SNC in the YouTube description. Hope that was enough 👍
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    Looking for some quotes from Magicians

    Check out this old thread for more ideas 🙂
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    Saturday Night Contest - Create A Trick!

    This is an idea that I've had marinating for a little while. I call it, "Kwame's Lucky Day". It's a "headline prediction" style of effect, that uses no physical objects and that was designed to be performed over Zoom. I had this idea once I realized that I could do a "lottery prediction" using...
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    Techni-corner (card change)

    I had an interesting idea for a quick card thing that I thought I’d share. For those who’ve seen Chris Mayhew’s torn corner thing on his IGTV, you can see that I use it subtly here as a convincer, rather than as an overt move or change. The rest is just dressing it up for the change! enjoy...
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    Ace production

    That's fairly epic!
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