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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  • No I sadly don't have a Facebook or an AIM. I am not really the kind of person for those. I am good for a late night chat or early morning one. What would be a good time for you?
    I heard "Shade" was really good and that some of the T11 people are in it. I think Jason England is. I want to get it too. It is also great to hear from you. We should set up a time when we can skype. I am obsessed with skype at the moment, been talking with Omar Renfro, Jesse Feinberg. EVERYONE. HAHA :)
    Hey what's up, would you like to skype, I saw that you dropped by. It is good to meet you, I am Anna.
    I got back home into my crappy com, my msn works 8 times out of 10, its so frustrating that I sometimes just skip it lol

    I got an idea when you log in, i'll try it that time more dude, cya there
    Ricky Smith is awesome.

    And you're signature made me drop down on the floor and laugh.


    I can totally imagine his face when he says that. xD

    HEY MAN, whats up?

    I go on MSN every once and a while, but not as much as the past. This year med school is really a pain, gynecology and all that >_______________<'

    Catch ya soon man, i'll open msn now, hoping you'll be there XD
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