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  • I see that Fusion Remixed has been released.

    Looks sick I was a fan of both of Fusion and FU2...can't wait to see what you brought in store in Fusion Remixed...looks amazing and the last word in tnr.
    Thanks for the response
    I have another question: Is it true that you have a Card to Sky?
    If you do...do you know where I can obtain something like this?
    Thanks in advance
    Hey Man,

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you; been up to my eyeballs busy.

    Fusion is still a little bit away, but I always welcome reviewers.

    It does use Davids crease removal; he showed it to me and I immediately asked if I could include it on Fusion, and he agreed.

    You are going to love it! I explained it to Ben Seidman via Skype, and he was floored! This is pretty damn slick, if I do say so myself!

    -Just saw the new demo for the new Fusion T&R.
    -Can't wait for it, looks awesome.
    -I'm a T&R fan myself.
    -I see that you also used David's creases removal, which adds to the effect.
    -Looks like your version of Chris Kenner's Torn Asunder right, either way can't wait for it.
    -Also, I just picked up your effects, Saw, Sick and Northbound, loving them.
    -Peace and Best Wishes and Thanks
    sweet! i bought it, trying to download, but it keeps opening in a browser windoww, i think i can download it after the video loads in there, but is there a way to just download it as a file (without it loading in the browser first..)

    hey, I want to purchase SICK from your site, but i keep getting this "Safari can't open page" thing. is your site working? is there anyone i can buy through? also, where do you ship from? i definitely want to pick this one up.

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