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Feb 25, 2008
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Sean Fields

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Jun 2, 2009
    1. Jv
    2. Jv
      I see that Fusion Remixed has been released.

      Looks sick I was a fan of both of Fusion and FU2...can't wait to see what you brought in store in Fusion Remixed...looks amazing and the last word in tnr.
    3. Jv
      Thanks for the info.
      Love your work and best wishes
    4. MagicLemonBird
      Does SICK require a lot of preperation before performing the effect?
    5. Sean Fields
      Sean Fields

      Yes, I do have a Card on Sky effect. It is not something I think I will tip. ;)
    6. Jv
      Thanks for the response
      I have another question: Is it true that you have a Card to Sky?
      If you you know where I can obtain something like this?
      Thanks in advance
    7. Sean Fields
      Sean Fields
      Hey Man,

      Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you; been up to my eyeballs busy.

      Fusion is still a little bit away, but I always welcome reviewers.

      It does use Davids crease removal; he showed it to me and I immediately asked if I could include it on Fusion, and he agreed.

      You are going to love it! I explained it to Ben Seidman via Skype, and he was floored! This is pretty damn slick, if I do say so myself!

    8. Jv
      -Just saw the new demo for the new Fusion T&R.
      -Can't wait for it, looks awesome.
      -I'm a T&R fan myself.
      -I see that you also used David's creases removal, which adds to the effect.
      -Looks like your version of Chris Kenner's Torn Asunder right, either way can't wait for it.
      -Also, I just picked up your effects, Saw, Sick and Northbound, loving them.
      -Peace and Best Wishes and Thanks
    9. TrustInMagic
      nvm, it's downloading sorry for all the fuss!

      thanks again, looks great
    10. TrustInMagic
      sweet! i bought it, trying to download, but it keeps opening in a browser windoww, i think i can download it after the video loads in there, but is there a way to just download it as a file (without it loading in the browser first..)

    11. Sean Fields
      Sean Fields
      Hey man.

      Was having some server issues, but they are all resolved now.
    12. TrustInMagic
      hey, I want to purchase SICK from your site, but i keep getting this "Safari can't open page" thing. is your site working? is there anyone i can buy through? also, where do you ship from? i definitely want to pick this one up.

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