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  • thank you. I've been playing around with different avatars. I might change it to Jonathan Bayme.
    yes i wood love to do that but not at this time i need get what i thing it need to work 1st as u no i do not work i have done a magic stall that was fun to do but it did not get the £ in but i got the best i can so now i no my name with in magic that i will use. but it so hard when a dr say can not work bec u have fits and bec u are not good with wighting and so on.
    the effect is the serpentine aces out the book the ascanio spread by jon racherbaumer
    but i have come up with 10 new that are the same but not the same what i got to do now is save £ to make up the gaffs i need to then ten ones
    yes and no i just working on what i will look like in mgic and no what say when i need it my patter will be seeing dr who show with in magic past i like the hot rod magic if no what i mean by that. tie one on is a good one to do by eric mead dicey dots by daryl trevor duffy's phil trick . and some what i have make up as well
    well i all kind of magic from now to the past joshua jay 's magic / close- up i love to do daryl magic jay sankey's magic and so on
    No - unfortunately, I'm not English, but with the U.S. dollar in turmoil, I hear the conversion rate on the good ol' pound sterling is impeccable. :D

    cuz youve been ridiculously active for as long as i can remember and always seemed like a good guy!
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