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    Book of the Month: November - Modern Magic

    Man this book is hard (specially because english is my second lenguage). Gonna try to find something that i like
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    Halloween Stories

    Maybe is my presentation that sucks
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    Halloween Stories

    Same as Draven, but i found out this Halloween that i get better reactions with the cards. And also performed thread during a show.
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    Book of the Month: November - Modern Magic

    Love the idea! I'll be back with a video.
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    If You Could Meet...

    Take lessons and Talk about close up and stage magic with Slydini
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    Stage Show

    A stage show with cards? i know im not helping but really, stage show with cards? i have seen only two people pull this off, Tamariz And Ricki Jay
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    Saturday Night Contest - See The Unseen

    457 654 131
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    Magic tricks for showing animals?

    Try an ACAAN routine
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    Saturday Night Contest - Name This Flourish!

    Sol Sunrise Merry-go-round
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    Crystal Car Buggy (Morlas Car)

    Two Words: Juan Tamariz
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    Now you should feel ashamed of your ignorance
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    How I Got Into Magic

    Why? is extremely anoying reading from the computer
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    Super Pen

    Now if only you find a way to end clean...
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    I was invited as a special guest in a magician friend close up show he had in a little theater. So i was doing my routine when i do the DaOrtiz version of the "21 cards" autamatic trick (or whatever is the english version name). So at the end... y messed up the card and i totally blamed the...
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    Improving The World: Chile

    Well... its something. Maybe i can improve this a bit when i have time.
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