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    Luke Jermay - Buyer Beware

    Gosh people! You all are getting way out of hand with this. Because one person said "Luke's BAD,BAD,BAD" you all are now looking for other indications that confirm that Luke's bad! The O'Shea gig manager was an ass, THAT and the poor economy of the nation is why the show went down...
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    Negativity towards The Pinky count.

    If I remember correctly Trilogiy's pinky counts were just demonstration: "execute a pinky count to get a break under two cards" and you see him riffle off two cards off his pinky. Wasn't "taught" and one critical nuance on the move wasn't gone over or had a bad angle on... I suspect you...
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    Negativity towards The Pinky count.

    Being new to magic the first big exposure to the pinky count I had was on Dan and Dave's Trilogy. Then T11 put out the Card Fundamentals series of 1-on-1's with Aaron Fisher where he discouraged newbies from using the pinky count because: 1) the pinky's a weak finger and 2) for beginners, the...
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    Revolver - First impressions review

    My impression is that Kelvin is native chinese which would make a 1-on-1 to an american audience pretty difficult if he doesn't speak english very well.
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    Kids Magic Show

    I did a gig for summer camp last year with 3 age groups: 3 to 6, 7 to 9, and 10-13. Which meant I put together 3 different sets. If I knew how much work I'd have to put into the gig, I either would've charged more money, or not taken the gig at all. Cards, unless they're flying in the air...
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    I Need A Tagline... Any Ideas?

    I'm with Draven but if you're wanting something catchy and cute (and albiet, cheesy -- you're really not giving us much to go on), how about "Mind Explosion Magic -- Entertainment That Doesn't Suck... It Blows!"
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    What to do with your other tricks when you're learning a hard one...

    you need to make a disctinction between routines that are perfromable vs stuff you're learning or 'not performable'. Or maybe even more precisely: Stuff you're learning vs. stuff you're practicing. New Stuff: GOAT Change; Tivo 2.0; Clip Shift; the Pass; -- I'm learning. Stuff I've got...
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    Getting into PK/Mentalism Magic?

    Doing a general search on mentalism here in the forums you'll get great ideas. I'm just starting there with you, so lots of what I'm saying is a rehash of what the members in-the-know say... Fundamentals of Professional Mentalism (bob cassidy), Practical Mental Magic (anneman) and 13 Steps...
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    Genesis V1 vs The Trilogy - Which is best for beginners?

    one big distinction between the two projects is that Genesis shows you how to execute individual moves; whereas Trilogy shows you cuts -- a series of moves put together into a sequence. Here's my review of Genesis that touches on that.
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    Why are Jason England's downloads so expensive?

    Why so expensive....? Let's see.... He bought multiple resources to learn each slieight and learn other's thoughts and variations on the move. He put in the hours learning them. He went to different conventions and venues to seek out those who were the best at these sleights, got their...
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    Help me to open up my options.

    Tall order... cause magic is a very personal thing and yet you haven't told us what interests you. I can recommend some great PK effects, rubber bands, coin stuff... I don't think you're going to get much of a response here. TAKE the time and find stuff that looks cool to you. It's...
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    What Happened?

    Some observations about our art form: 1) Remember the majority of our forum membership are hobbyists; which means a totally different level of commitment: time, money and passion-wise. 2) Learning a sleight, it's like sport or any skill. It can take 100s to 1000s of repetitions to execute...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable with Jason England

    Love your work and your teaching style. I've always had these questions in mind to PM you but now that I've got a chance to do it on a SNL, this is the perfect opportunity! We know your technical level of expertise. Still no matter how clean you're sleights are, there's much more to being a...
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    Charlier Cut - Variation

    it's taught in 3 resources I can think of: De'Vo Xtreme Beginners Vol. 1 (with text instruction) Andrei Jikh Genesis (Verbal instruction) and Dan and Dave's Everything Else from thier Trilogy Series in the Flourishes 101 section (no text nor verbal cues... you're on your own baby!) All 3...
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    What inspired you to get in to flourishing.

    De'Vo's Xtreme Beginners got me started with cuts. When I started card magid I always carried a deck of cards with me to practice slieghts when no one was looking. As a personal trainer, I'm always around people, so I started practicing flourishing, just to have something to do with the cards...
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