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    The Harbor Change by Michael Hankins

    I prefer this to a cardini change at the second to last ending of the queens trick by Dan and Dave. I really looks very good with a considerable amount of practice in a mirror. It really is great, and I think everyone should pick it up because of what the Harbor Palm(Which is taught) can be...
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    Coin in bottles?

    For a give away bottle, Mark Mason's Blind Spot is pretty great. The bottle can be borrowed, but you need a gimmick which you can keep in your pocket. ~Casey
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    Distortion and LIT help?

    Here in NY, Price Chopper's carry 150 pack of white matchbooks!
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    The Deep:: Chris Kenner

    You have the basic moves down, but the transition from the third vanish to the forth was very unsmooth. You also need to show the coins longer... let it sink in.
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    // STATIC - David Jade - Video Review!

    I agree with this, I also feel like you were somehow trying to make your voice sound deeper than it actually is. Perhaps a little stage fright?:p
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    I would suggest getting Totally Out of control Book which contains Schwing, and Shifty along with some other great tricks!
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    I support all your future ventures into eliminating Exposure sites!

    I support all your future ventures into eliminating Exposure sites!
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    I Am Infuriated and Saddened

    It's pretty easy to find the reveal too, it's right on the (*Blah Blah Blah page) of Google for ****'s sake.:rolleyes: Don't worry, I refused to look at the method the guy explained because I respect you to much as a magician. Here is his response to the thread which I felt completely in the...
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    Lennart Green Classic Green Collection

    Does anyone have this yet, I'm very interested in this 6 DVD collection. Here is what they say! I just was wondering if it would be a good pick-up!
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    Watermark by Mathieu Bich

    The only thing I would correct you on, other than the mistake you pointed out is that you should do the effect a little bit slower, anticipation is everything for the effect. A little less water being sprinkled on would be the best to slow it down, otherwise you won't have time to make sure...
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    Watermark problem

    Your just using to much of the stuff. Use less, and you won't have that problem!
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    Watermark by Mathieu Bich

    I know the peek taught in Stigmata for the initial version would be neat.
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    Watermark by Mathieu Bich

    To add on to this, it's an absolutely amazing effect. I just preformed it for two strangers at a Restaurant, using Coke as my water, and the napkin I had just used as the cloth. It's an amazing effect that gets great reactions. It's worth it, I wouldn't have minded it be a little cheaper...
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    The Virts and Anaconda...

    I'm not entitled to anything, as I didn't order it, but anyone who had to pull a tooth to get an honest answer are entitled. It's their customer services fault , not the poor chaps who ordered Dvd! Anyone who ordered it deserves a full refund or at least partial for their hassle much the way...
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    The Virts and Anaconda...

    I think it pretty obvious what they should do... even though I doubt they will do it. With the constant stream of lies evident from this, they should refund everyone, then make the anaconda a free download. Obviously them overpaying for the DVD's , and over hyping the product problems, and...
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