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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    Is He a Magician?

    You Guys are acting dumb, We all know theres no CandleJack, And if th..
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    David Blaine is a Dad!

    Indeed, Congrats David.
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    Who wants to try my challenge?

    Hmm, How similar?
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    That was my exact first thought:)
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    Who wants to try my challenge?

    Step one, Shuffle a deck of cards and put them face down on the ground. Step two, Lay down in Sit-up position next to the cards. step three, Turn over the top card and do that many sit-ups.:) step four, Do the WHOLE deck. You will feel the burn. I got the idea when I promised myself that I...
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    William you are ALWAYS the first person to welcome everyone to the forums. Whats your secret?:)
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    Split Spade Lions?

    Thanks everyone, Even though this information was helpful, I still dont have my original answer. I really want to know when Theory11 will have them back in stock if anyone knows.;)
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    Split Spade Lions?

    Does anyone know when there going to be back in stock? I love them!
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    Thank You

    Great to hear. Glad your enjoying the forums. if you ever have any questions, Shoot me a pm
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    Help for a beginner

    To break in a new deck i dribble the cards one way 6 times, then the other way 6 times. you do that about three times.
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    New dvd project

    I also see nothing wrong. What rule are you close to breaking?
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    Thumb fan battle

    I would be in, but i cant fan with my left hand. Sorry!
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    New dvd project

    Hey Welcome to the forums! You are going to find alot of good advice on here to take your magic very far. If you havent already, Go check out the forum rules also. And this idea sounds very interesting....I support it.
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    Youtube Account

    thanks everyone! I wont post the link until the video uploads...but it should be up soon. And Aaron, Ive seen you alot on here and you seem pretty cool. Ill send you a friend request.
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    Youtube Account

    Hey guys i created a Youtube channel to see what my effects look like on camera. I would greatly appriciate if some of you could check out my videos from time to time. But dont worry im not going to be *Another Youtuber* who reveals effects. Any Advice Would also be greatly appriciated! My first...
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