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  1. Shakutau

    Does this work on stage?

    A topic on advice that turns to a rant about the colour green. Man.
  2. Shakutau

    Parlor Show

    And why do you introduce the theme of card sharks, pickpocketing, [showing the possibility of] breaking the law (or somehow overcoming the law and authorities) and poker games when its been done WAY TOO MANY TIMES!? Why? The story is good though, just not the way you do it. Think, think, and...
  3. Shakutau

    "A Challenge for Advanced Magicians"

    Good day people. I was surfing around in the Magic Cafe and found a very refreshing, provocative topic posted by someone named "Zion", addressing to the core the mindset of those who wish to advance in Magic - whether you are starting out, going forward or polishing your legends. If you...
  4. Shakutau

    Combining Mentalism and Sleight Of Hand...

    On regards to Mentalism and Sleight of hand, there is no real harm with using each hand in hand. However when you expose yourself to the world, those two cannot be on the Stage at the same time. Theres only space for one way, or no way. Caution now. And think it good. If you are on about...
  5. Shakutau

    Those reactions, what are those?

    Very true. I learnt this the hard way, but it was good. And it is on the issue of a "Lasting moment" which we all should be focusing on (well said Prae). You need to know that those who are revered are considered Champions of their People; for those who are not Champions, you can imitate...
  6. Shakutau

    An Underground feeling, for some old classics

    "In order be an Artist requires one to reveal themselves openly and honestly." - Micheal Vincent. Sometimes, we care to much (as in are too obsessed) as to what we do really is. You know, instead of thinking what you can/want to gain, think about what you should give. In other words: Do, and be...
  7. Shakutau

    MENTALISM: Audience Reactions

    In regards to reactions there are two prerequisites you have to understand. One is the individuals you choose to perform for, Two is the impression that you give/present/inflict [on them]. But be wary, Mentalism is like a Cigar as it takes time to nurture the good taste. Comparing it to Magic...
  8. Shakutau

    What is Magic?

    To me, Magic is the Essence of Soul. It takes almost all of our focus, energy, creativity, innovation, determination, courage and understanding of ourselves to even begin to radiate a fraction of this "Soul" to others. Like said, Magic isn't within the Patter, the Techniques, the Showmanship...
  9. Shakutau

    Journey To The Center Of The Deck

    Very good. Very good.
  10. Shakutau

    Journey To The Center Of The Deck

    You have asked the right question. Firstly, lets talk about how you may seem to come across to people. The way you talk sounds like those still unseasoned performers would do - dictating EVERY SINGLE SLIGHT MOVEMENT you make (yes we can see the "king of spades" is by your left leg, and yes we...
  11. Shakutau

    Journey To The Center Of The Deck

    Not everyone is a teen here, and not everyone here is without experience. They may not have the experience in voice coaching or acting, but they sure have experience in Performing. And there are some who have gone the mile, come back, and gone again with new insights worth evaluating. There are...
  12. Shakutau

    Journey To The Center Of The Deck

    Easy there JD. In time. And proper experience a person will grow.
  13. Shakutau

    Journey To The Center Of The Deck

    Valid point. I hope you do know there are performers out there who are brutally honest with the Audience when performing, those who lean away from the "wizardry". You are not trying to force people to believe you have a magical ability, but you are putting forth entertainment. And it is GOOD...
  14. Shakutau

    Journey To The Center Of The Deck

    Whenever I watch a performance of someone doing an effect for the camera, I treat it as if they are performing for me. So I become the participant. When I watched that video Micheal, no offence, but I wanted to ask "What the HELL do you take me for?" Now everyone has a performance style, a...
  15. Shakutau

    Journey To The Center Of The Deck

    Is this what Magic is becoming?
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