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    Angle sensitivity with sleights - Other peoples experiences!

    I dont like using mirrors because the angles arent quiet the same. The reflection of your hands and the sleights in the mirror doesnt mach what the spectator see. I use cameras and move around finding the critical angles.
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    Starting at coin magic

    I bought the book Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo and it's great, but I have a question that the book has not answered so far: ¿Is it good to learn the movements with both hands? ¿Does the right hand (or the master hand) always make palms and difficult movements? In card magic, you always do the...
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    What is the best card control?

    One that I use a lot (don't know the name or the creator) it's: - making the spectator just touch a card while spreading the deck - one the look at it, close the deck while holding a pinky break - make an over hand shuffle with the top packet, this takes the selection to the top This card...
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    Overproof vs Fake a Slide

    Thanks for the clarification @ChristopherT What i mean to handle the double as a single was a to do unusual things with the double and not just handling. I think this it's call a convincer, when you throw or spin the double as a flourish and proving it's one card.
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    Overproof vs Fake a Slide

    Thank you Chris I get your point about avoid those behaviors in general, but in witch scenarios would you use it? Sometimes this thing can be archived in a more natural way, like just showing the deck to proof all cards are different or handling a double like it's only one card. What kind of...
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    Overproof vs Fake a Slide

    Hi guys I have been doing magic for the past 6 month and I'm facing with this issue: When to Overproof and when to Fake a Slide. With Overproof a mean showing the spectator what are you not doing, somethign like: - Saying a double it's one card. - Saying the deck it's not marked. - Showing...
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    Tally-ho's vs Bicycle's

    What cards do you prefer for magic in general and why? Taking in consideration the cost, durability, quality, etc...
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    How to make a magician mad in 4 words.

    Can I please Shuffle?
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