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    The magic is in me - NEW VIDEO

    That video was awesome. Wasn't expecting that at all.
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    Doing Magic for Megan Nicole!

    ^ This. I have never heard of Megan Nicole before this thread either, but I didn't jump on the guy for posting a video. At least he posted a video of him actually performing. And also, nice video, decent effects, just work on your patter a little more. Obviously it is hard to have perfect...
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    REF4M by Blake Vogt?

    Honestly, the spectators are not going to remember the tearing sequence at all. They will remember the restoration phase. I do not think that the spectators will at all question the tearing sequence, but hey, that's just me.
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    RubberBand Street Magic Video

    I liked it. Great performances.
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    magic short film

    Awesome video
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    Rubiks Cube!

    I don't know how to solve it. Wish I could though.
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    Simple Card Trick

    It works much better in real life as you talk them through it. I've got pretty good reactions with it actually.
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    Simple Card Trick

    No, my camera on my Mac automatically flips it to make it look like a mirror. I can turn it off, I just forgot to lol.
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    Simple Card Trick

    Here is a simple card trick I have been working for a while. Let me know what you guys think of it. I know it's nothing original I have just come up with this sequence to do the effect. Thanks.
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    Smoke by Alan Rorrison

    Theory11 says it's completely safe, so I think its safe to say it doesn't contain any nicotine. They say the smoke you produce is not real smoke, just vapour.
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    I think you might have forgotten a link? I would love to see the change with dress shirts though.
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    I have a couple questions as well. In the trailer for Dresscode Calen takes off the dress shirt afterwards. Let's say you normally carry around a messenger bag when you go out. Could you just stick the dress shirt in the bag and continue on with the "changed" shirt? Can the dress shirt and...
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    Did I Overkill Watermark?

    Nice performance... Did you get the recap joke from the Mathemagician, Arthur Benjamin?
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    Improve Your Mind: Forum Contest for the Intellectual Magician

    I'm in, but it also depends on whether I think I have anything to contribute to the topic...
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    Jazz Aces :: Peter Kane

    I am in grade 12, just finishing up high school this year. I am wanting to go into Math Honours somewhere...
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