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    Saturday Night Contest - Fake Magic Exposure!

    heres my submission. Shift fork trick . still being processed right now though..
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    Website bug/glitch

    I tried clicking on the Insider Video Castle Ablaze on the t11 homepage and it brought me into an error screen, saying page does not exist. Although you can get to the video through the media section. Just thought you guys would like to know so you can fix it.
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    Penguin on Vertigo?

    This might help why Theroy 11 does this: For example take Apple Apple is a great company, and they have some really nice products. Apple has there own store, which you probably know and have been there or at at least seen one. Anyways, to buy an apple product you don't always go to the Apple...
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    Propaganda Deck

    I see a few on ebay every now and then. Maybe you could grab one from there. The prices on it are not too high.
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    Vertigo by Rick Lax

    I find clicking the link annoying too. First world problems..
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    Why did they become big/famous

    yeah luck does play a part. Reminds me of the book Outliers. In it it shows how luck helped all the successful people today. Great book by the way, should def read it if you get the chance.
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    Is theory11 bringing out any new exclusive decks?

    i feel that there are too many "new and limited" deck releases.. just sayin
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    I was born in New Delhi, but I live in Texas now.

    I was born in New Delhi, but I live in Texas now.
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    Rich Ferguson on Ellen

    Its called the Frixion pen. You can use it on any paper and it just needs fire/heat to make it dissapear. You can purchase it at Ellusionist, at your local staples/office depot, or other online websites like amazon.
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    Showing SMOKE to Montell Jordan

    Sometimes I find that the smoke unintentionally comes out of my nose..
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    Yup, I am from India.

    Yup, I am from India.
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    Andrei Jikh's Bracelet

    Hah, since were on the subject.. What watch do you wear? looks nice
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    Insignia by Eric Ross

    Are you left clean? And can they spectators examine the bottle?
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    what do you think about "fake" jerry's nugget?

    I also don't think they look appealing. They never seemed "beautiful" to me like various other decks... but I guess to each his own..
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    Gyro Powerball?

    I was thinking about getting the v power gyro power ball from Dan and Dave. I am learning cardistry and I am also a tennis player so I thought it would benefit me in both areas. I never owned one of these or heard anything about them. I even tried to look up some reviews but no luck. Does...
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