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  1. simonbernard

    Saturday Night Contest - Cardistry Card Lottery

    No hesitation: it is the king of diamonds.
  2. simonbernard

    SWE Shift battle This was shot 3 years ago on my iMac's webcam. I'll shoot another one if I can get my hands on a videocamera. S.
  3. simonbernard

    Saturday Night Contest - The Magic-Con All Star Roundtable Discussion

    Sebastien: I think it would be really worthwhile for the community to share a bit of your knowledge on what you call the "emotional hook". Also, discussing about themes, plots and that theory on "expanding frames" you talked me about in a indian restaurant a few years ago would be really...
  4. simonbernard

    Eric Mead Triumph?

    I rather think it's Bob Kholer's Ultimate 3 Fly.
  5. simonbernard

    Saturday Night Contest - APOLLO ROBBINS : Roundtable

    Hi Apollo, I've been a huge fan of your work (Cultural Xchange as well as your notes) and I wondered how one can practice watch stealing, pitpocketing and pickpocketing at home ? How do you rehearshed back in the days ? Thanks, and can't wait to see more of your stuff !! S.
  6. simonbernard

    Paris, France Magic Shop

    As Mathieu said, MagicDream is the biggest magic shop in Paris. It's also one of the best shop I've seen, it's really clean and there is a lot of stuff in there. I had a little bit of trouble finding it a first, but once you know where it is, you'll spend more time in there instead of eating...
  7. simonbernard

    Armani Cards Review

    Hi, I was wondering if you could take a few pictures of the cards and their box. I want to know how they look ! Thanks, S.
  8. simonbernard

    Cerca Trova Ideas

    How about something on emotional hooks, spectator involvement and public management ?
  9. simonbernard

    Best Pass

    Ninja: I would like to see your SWE Shift, did you post it somewhere ? Thanks, S.
  10. simonbernard

    Not another Chris Kenner 1-on-1... Wait that's me.

    Hi Chris, How about a video on creativity ? Or something about public management ? Why not shooting a video about how to get the spectator involved and how to create emotional hooks ? I guess there is already a lot of sleights and tricks in the 1on1 section right now. If we want to learn more...
  11. simonbernard

    Saturday Night Contest - Pixel Perfect

    Hi, I know the contest is over but I wanted to share my wallpaper with you guys. The resolution is 1920x1200, feel free to PM me if you want a smaller version of it. I know CoinTwo is coming out shortly, guess where I got the inspiration ? :) Cheers, Simon.
  12. simonbernard

    Can a trick be submitted after it's been revealed?

    Hi, I think simplicity doesn't really matters with the method. Instead, it should rather be associate with the effect itself. I've always been interrested by sneaky and highly technical methods, until I've met a magician in Paris who've showed me a trick that totally changed my...
  13. simonbernard


    Is Gared Crawford's torn and restored card video (I'm talking about the trick he uploaded on Youtube a couple of months ago, not his DVD Unripped) uses the same principle ? If so, this is WHITOUT a doubt one of the most beautiful piece of magic I've seen so far.. Simon.
  14. simonbernard

    Who has been most influencial to your magic routine?

    Hi guys, I met a magician in Paris last year and he simply changed my life. His name is Sebastien Clergue and he's without a doubt one of the finest thinkers in all the magic community. Sebastian Clergue astonished me with his incredible effect "Memento" (brilliant, simply brilliant...)...
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