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  • oh man a year that would kill me. i think i workin on to much u know what i mean. sybil.b4cut.molecule false and werm way to much but thanks for ur advice u know when the full know from convent gardens ig gonne come out
    im startin flourishin, so i dont know how much time i should put in i heard some guys go for like 7 hours. i dont have that time
    thanks a lot friend, could you add a little debriefing on your perfomance? thanks for being awesome.=)
    oh yeah i know. it's not even human anymore....ok maybe that's taking it a little too far...... lol
    That kind of smoothness just.....there are no words.....none.
    haha well that would do the trick. You obviously came a long way if you have a solid Pandora right now.
    I know it's madness.....
    Lol. Wow...that' just a fan? That was a challenge i am sure. That's great about Pandora though. With Dan and Dave it's like an extension of their body or something. No thought needed at all when they flourish. lol
    hahahaha. Well f*** it. I'm ready for the challenge.........maybe not. Oh and Pandora for a year and still no progress?! DAMN!!
    I was reading that thread about Motion and reminded me about the Trilogy flourishes. I purchased motion a few months back and am still pluggin' my way through it. I hope to get the 2nd trilogy disk after i feel comfortable with the stuff. What do you think about the trilogy flourishes? Varied skill level like Motion?
    Yeah it really seems there is that noticeable difference. Is there a difference between color? (in terms of how they handle)
    Ok cool. They sound perfect for flourishing. Thanks for the info man. I'll definetly have t pick some up now.
    Wow that sucks. ...a lot. Damn. Did you use them a little before they were destroyed. I've been thinking about getting some for the flourishing stuff. How do they (or did they) handle? lol
    ive been good. i'm sad there's no LOST on tonight :(
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