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    New deck design

    DUH. Stupid me. Of course! Here is the link!
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    New deck design

    Hey Guys. I just sent my deck design to HOPC for review and I wanted to see what others thought of the new design. As of right now I only have the back designed so make sure to leave you comments below! Thanks
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    Saturday Night Contest: Superbowl Prediction v3

    Baltimore Ravens win 34-31
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    Saturday Night Contest - Animal Kingdom Lotto

    My Guesses Four of Hearts Seven of Spades King of Clubs Nine of Diamonds Ace of Clubs Six of Spades Two of Hearts Ten of Diamonds Four of Spades
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Ask Andrei Anything

    My responses 1. If you could go back and change your path to become anything but one of the worlds best cardists, what would it be. 2.When did you first meet Michael James, and what was your first reactions. 3. If there was no thing such as cards but you did want to continue on with...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Election 2012 Prediction

    My Prediction Obama: 301 Romney: 237 Obama: 328 Romney: 210
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Steve Cohen Decoded

    My Qs 1. What pushed you to create a TV show showing the revelations of some of the most mind boggling, yet real, illusions of all time. 2. Have you always had an interest in these Magical Mysteries. 3. Who is your favorite magician of all time. Who do you look up to.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Playing with Players

    My guess Card 1: 7 of Clubs Card 2: 4 of Hearts Card 1: 4 of Spades Card 2: King of Hearts
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    Saturday Night Contest - Create a Flourish!

    My flourish Sorry Andrei, its really short.
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    New tshirts

    Hey everyone. Its Me Sam and I am releasing my new t-shirts at the end of the month in hopes to raise enough money to purchase some new equipment for graphic design. The image for the White t is shown below and the image for the black t will be released soon. If anybody would like to reserve one...
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    New Design

    Hey theory 11 forums. I am a thirteen year old graphic designer amed Sammuel Keryliuk. I have recently created a design that I hope to feature on t-shirts (which I have already made prototypes for) and a deck of cards. Please visit thye link below and view the image which is my design. I am...
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    Silhouette Series

    Hey everybody. I have been doing some designing and have come up with a new idea for a few items I will be selling on my site. These items are part of the silhouette series. I have included the links to the designs and I am looking for some feedback on the designs. If you like one of the...
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    Bolt (Signed Color Changing Card)

    It was a good thought but I have to agree with Jarrod. It is not powerful enough because it is standalone, it needs extra. Also if you could figure out a way to display and hand out the card it would be great.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Patrick's Pushup Battle

    Patrick with 53 push ups // Andrei with 48
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    Saturday Night Contest - White Monarch Turnover

    the jack and queen are white . good luck
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