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  • Cool. No problem. Good to hear you are serious about school. That will only give you more opportunities in life. I just dropped out of normal classes and moved to independent study. :p
    Heya, I'm already at
    I don't really like to broadcast though. I am excited and all set for the Buck Brothers to speak about Magic-Con which I am going to. :) What about you? Are you going to magic con?
    It is a trick where it takes time just to get used to the coins in your hand. Take it step by step, do the first movement 15 times. If you mess up, subtract 2. That way you will get it down perfect. It will be tough in the beginning but trust me, in the end when you do it perfect, you will feel so awesome. Who else do you know that can make coins travel like that? Well you might know one person, but coins are something many magicians try not to get into because they seem so hard when all you have to do is just get used to them in your hands. When you get it down you'll be the ****. Oh, do you have a skype??? If not go to their website and get it. It is free and then you can video chat with everyone else. :)
    It is basically Ponta the Smith with a little of my mechanics and a couple touches of Chris Kenner.
    Nah, I don't mind if they are soft coins or not. I like the sound, I practice so they only talk when I want them to when I produce them.
    The Castle was fun just like every other Castle trip. I told you that I got into the Junior Program right? Well if not, surprise! I am working on a 3 fly and some other stuff, I want to get back into magic that I like to do. I don't get your Lisbon double lift joke but I still laughed so hard when you said it. :p
    Heya, up late are we?

    How is it going? We haven't talked in a while. Can you believe what Agent Lisbon did with Walter Mashburn!!!!??
    For restaurant magic the real secrets of magic by David Stone is great. Hope I helped and thanks for the birthday message.
    I'm working on my muscle pass for the anti-gravity coin. Working on a lot of coin magic. I have realized over the past two months that I have more talent for that than card magic. I still love card magic though. Now I am working on misc. stuff.
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