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  • Hey thanks for the info! Sorry for the delay in responding i'm still new to this sit and had to find out where this message was. lol. Those are some good videos, i'm going to start practicing them here this weekend. I'm having a huge problem executing the pressure fan and its pissing me off. But i guess it all takes lots of practice.
    Hey man,
    Thanks, that means a lot. Recently, my videos keep being removed from Youtube due to copyrighted songs, and it's been getting me down a bit. I appreciate your kind words :)

    The move in question is original in a sense, yes, it's a variation of Garry A's Marionette, for which he has a tutorial - here:

    Learn it well man, it's a lovely cut. ;)

    -Sam H
    nah relax - you should see my post in the 'Pick a Card Help' thread. spans across an entire page!


    Im in the process of colecting a lot of filamge and putting it together in one very well made video ;)

    Do you have any videos?

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