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    Sybil... I need help...

    Dunno if this will help... But try to like open your hands as you do it. RAther than just 'passing the packets' try moving them out wider. I think it looks a little better. Hope this helped...
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    Why I don't perform for drunks.

    Great point. Speaking from personal experience drunks are fine to perform for, maybe louder reactions. I've performed at numerous parties to people who were trashed and next time I see them they ask about, or tell the story of a trick. I think it depends on their state, the trick you choose...
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    Official // CCC Team Formations // Thread

    I'm looking for someone to do this with. Preferably someone who can edit (like a God?). So... yeah?
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    Is there a way

    Exactly :) You can flair from pretty much anywhere... Having said that it takes practice, I'm not happy with my flares yet.
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    On the Set with Andrei Jikh...

    As incredibly sexy as the car is, it's no Optimus Prime. :P Pumped for this DVD!
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    Official // CCC Team Formations // Thread

    I definately want to take part. I wouldn't say I'm an incredible flourisher but, without trying to be cocky, I don't think I'm to bad. Although I'm stuck with WMM for editing, so... Yeah.
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    Virts Move

    The 'reverse racoon' kinda thing in the 'Ink' video... I'm in love. There flourishes are just so... Good.
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    It's Reality for ya...

    ^Very good post. :) It's subjective, to me I flourish because it's fun and the variety of cuts I saw DnD and Madison do attracted me to flourishing. While some may say these 'all look the same' I don't think so, I'd rather see this than endless armspreads or charliers with rotating hands...
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    Daniel Madison Vs Criss Angel

    There are many applications! Like... Ok, fair, point taken.
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    The Virts :: Update + VIRTtV

    The Virts are just to F-lipping cool, love their videos :) Saw this the other day, have yet to try it out. Honestly though I can't stop thinking about the racoon variation at the end of the 'Ink' video... So good.
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    Cardistry Videos (Post Here!)

    No, I'm not saying don't take advice or try other ideas, of course that's always good. Another persons take can be helpful. I was just getting at the fact that you should 'experiment', see what works for you. My take on it was just that speed looked good because of the type of flourish it is...
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    Cardistry Videos (Post Here!)

    You don't have to slow it down. Make it smoother and then speed it up maybe. Personally I think it's the sort of cut that looks good done fast. However just 'cos we give you advice, doesn't mean you have to do that, it's your flourish(ing). :)
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    Favorite Flourish?

    ^^^Yeah, I haven't tried either, I have no inclination to learn J5 and just haven't really got round to Pandora yet, but Pandora looks way harder. J5 is really just several 'sybil type' flourishes linked. Anyway... 1) Not something I've come up with... It'd have to be Mayhem then... I...
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    Favorite Flourish on The Trilogy

    Pandora, but I've never actually bothered to try it. Probably should... But I love doing Molecule 4, Eko and Akira. Favourites are probably in that order :)
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    Lethal by Daniel Madison

    I don't know how many flourishes are on Lethal or what they are, however... I believe most of the flourishes are on Dangerous, and Dangerous contains more material for a better price. I have Dangerous, and I'd like Lethal, but more as a collectors thing than anything else. Sorry I wasn't...
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