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    Teach me something ... ?

    i would do something like "shuffling lesson" or "sow by the lug" because it seems like your teaching them, when your not but instead are showing them another trick.
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    Famous Magicians and Effects

    T11-one on ones Dananddave-magician to magician tricks ellusionist-overpriced stuff decknique-people who bash noobs
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    Color Changes

    penguin magic, jay noblezada, "color changes"
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    probably the best clipshift on youtube, possibly with the exception of this guy btw, i favorited it :)
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    Revolver control?

    the right angle ones were fairly well done
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    Bluff pass by W:H

    i would have to disagree about angles, i have been surrounded and have performed it with no problem if you are planning on investing in this, do so its great
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    Someone Battle Me Please

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    you definitely fooled me with your video, but i suspect you are using dupes, i though we had...

    you definitely fooled me with your video, but i suspect you are using dupes, i though we had agreed upon no gimmicks
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    "Show Me Something Then"

    GATOR BOOTS!!! (for hecklers) now seriously, i perform the trick that has no explanation for hecklers laymen 2cm biddle timemachine etc. impromptu hard htiting stuff
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    you bet i am

    you bet i am
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    Riffle Pass

    amazing how long have you been practicing
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    Help with reversing the bottom card...

    I perform a stealth change its one handed for less suspiciousness and more offbeatness
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    Vorezo Magic Contest Update :: Ends Saturday Night

    theory11 rocks
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    Card Advice...

    you should check out the product reviews, im sure that will give you enough informations
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    Another Card Control

    shankmagic is right i have used this in my refined video, only w/out the cut instead, you should do a half stealth (leave it in the palmed position) and then swing cut the deck only to replaced the palmed card thats what i do at least... rest is up to you
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