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  • thanks for the advice, its more the natural echo of the room, so will try dampening down hard surface and see if that makes a difference.
    Hi mate how you doing? Hope you don't mind me messaging you like this but didn't want to start a thread, and reading your posts on the subject thought you would be the best person to ask. I'm planning on filming a series of effects. The one major problem I'm having after doing quite a few test videos is echo. Im using a decent Cardioid microphone, and using the experience I have in audio editing I can get rid of some of the echo. Any advice on how to make my voice sound flat and natural?

    best regards

    Its been a while sir, I saw that you are still active in the forums and thats good, just passing by to say hi.
    ~Forgive Me If This is a Duplicate Post~

    I'm pulling my hair out in that I no longer own a copy of Bobo but am in hope that you may know the name and reference effect for a specific coin move. . .

    The move was usually employed for making a ditch. . . the performer flicked the coin into the fold of the opposite arm, which could then lap the coin as you recline back. An earlier variant was to act as if you were picking up the coin and actually flip it back towards you, allowing it to fall off the edge of the table into your lap.

    If you don't know please pass on the question to someone you may know that has this kind of working knowledge, I need to put a name & credits to it for a book I'm trying to get finished up.

    Thats a good point and I do agree, but what I find flawed about that side of the argument is that I've never seen you say anything positive so i treat it more like you just like to bash people rather than you are testing their ideas.
    I must've forgotten about your response. Sorry about that. But anyway. It's not the fact that you disagree with me, I can acccept that, it's the fact that whenever you argue with someone, it seems as if you attempt to belittle them and make them look like ****, just because they believe differently than you. The reason I accused you of not being a magician is because I'd never seen you do magic, nor had I ever seen any of your products (I dont know whether or not you have any, it's merely an example).

    I doubt I offended you in any way, but if I did I'm sorry. I just don't appreciate being treated like an idiot because I don't agree with you.
    oldavid1- just b/c someone posts with big words and tries to make valid arguments through the use of insults by saying "oh your stupid, your post makes my cerebellum hurt" doesnt make him a valuable part of the community or an "intellectual"...
    3 weeks is a bit too long for a forum without Steerpike.
    I'm seeing less and less meaningful threads on the forum...I urge you to kick up the nest again. Confront us; it gets us thinking.
    lol u just keep running your mouth and winning bout me who wasted your "precious time" and when i apologize u don't even answer the question and left. That's what i thought, if i wasted your time while you could sit on your *** watching videos on youtube then go ahead and don't read my posts, could save both of us time. Grow up, get a life and stop wasting MY time you little whiner ....
    I remember you from E.
    All I have to say is, if you can shed some more light on these forums, do so. Idealistic change is what we need. I'm not saying the forums are bad, but they need a different way of looking at things. Not trying to sound deep or whatever, just....agreed.
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