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  • have you by chance ever heard of the show ReBoot? I saw that you used "nanosecond" which was a term used in the show- just wondering, might be a little random
    hey friend, if you could give some of your critics to the performances in the "Go_Out.Perform" thread I will be forever thankfull, thanks btw, I think that you will enjoy the thread =) cheers!
    That's one of the most akward compliments I have had;), Thanks a lot steer, it means a lot coming from you.
    Hey, I was actually thinking and you, toyrobot, or I should post a video on the media section here at theory11 about the exalt of the weird battle. This way we can attract more battlers. Also, why not make it a 1 on 1 battle but a consecutive battle. For example lets just say that bob and dill fight the first round, dill wins. mike and larry fight. larry wins. Then larry and dill fight and see who wins.
    - I'm such a good thinker. :)
    Hey man was wondering if yo uhad a sec to give you're usual uncensored and no BS criticism of my promo video: I'm definitely taking the cigarette out and adding more audience audio. The hard part is the audio i have is all reactions involving curses. Of course as I get more footage it will change.
    i cant believe i spelled steerpike wrong haha [in the pm i sent u..i sent it too fast to fix it tho]
    What are some other concerts that you have been to? This is because of the streetlight concert coincidence.
    Now you've done it. I'm going to have to figure out this "friends" thing on the forum, if only to prove I'm not a hater.

    I enjoy reading your posts. Keep 'em coming.

    Hey Man,

    Hope your well mate.

    What ever anyone else says, your opinions are always appreciated by myself. Always good to see someone who has their own opinion and is happy to speak openly about it.

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